Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ interview with Leslie Stahl interrupted by President

Trump tweeted shortly after interrupting the meeting and called the interview with Leslie Stahl biased.

Leslie Stahl

Leslie Stahl

President Trump has had his fair share of scandals with reporters, but one of the most high-profile clashes occurred last week during an interview in the White House Roosevelt Hall with 60 Minutes journalist Leslie Stahl.

Trump took to Twitter shortly after interrupting the meeting and called the interview biased. A few days later, he fulfilled his promise to publish an unedited version so that his 87 million subscribers could see what he called Leslie Stahl’s “constant interruptions and anger,” with his “complete, fluid and” gorgeously brilliant “responses.”

The 60 Minutes interview aired Sunday night. Leslie Stahl warned viewers that the interview began politely but “ended, unfortunately, satisfied”.

Her first question to the president was: “Are you ready for difficult questions?”

“You will be honest,” Trump replied.
Trump continued, “Be honest,” before saying she isn’t asking tough questions to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Trump justified his re-election and said that he is the man who can bring the country back after the coronavirus pandemic.

Stahl focused on the coronavirus during the first part of the interview and seemed to heighten tensions between the two when she raised comments Trump made at a rally in Johnstown, PA earlier this month, when he said, “Suburbanites, can you please ? please, how am I? You are welcome. You are welcome.”

Trump supporters say he was clearly acting and joking, but news outlets such as The New York Times saw it as a sign of desperation. The newspaper was titled “Please Like Me,” Trump pleaded. It’s too late for many women. ” Polls show the president has lost some support from suburban women.

The uneasy interview continued, and Trump seemed to bring the issue up again when Leslie Stahl said his rallies were pale in comparison to 2016.

“You are so negative,” Trump said. “These are the largest rallies we have ever had. You just come here with such a negative attitude. These are the largest rallies we have ever had. ”

Leslie Stahl pressed Trump over an alleged conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. She said Trump routinely stalks Whitmer at rallies in the state.

“The way she closed churches in Michigan is a shame. I … yes, I find it shameful what she did. I believe, ”Trump said.

“Do you want to lock her up?” Leslie Stahl asked.
Trump said: “Of course I don’t want to jail her. Why would I lock it up? ”

Stahl fired Trump when he raised the recent controversy over Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, as well as claims that the Obama administration was spying on his campaign.

Leslie Stahl eventually recalled his past interactions with Trump and remembered how he told her that he was using terms like “fake news” to discredit the media.

“You have discredited yourself,” Trump replied.
“You know, I didn’t mean to be so angry,” Leslie Stahl said.
“Of course,” Trump said.

The excitement continues until the producer checks the time, but by this point Trump seemed to have checked.

“I think we have enough interviews, Hope. Okay? Enough. Let’s go to. Let’s go to. Let’s go meet for two seconds, okay? Thanks. See you in a while. Thank you, ”Trump said. before leaving.

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