Trump Continues Bizarre Calls for Suburban Women

Trump Continues Bizarre Calls for Suburban Women Campaigning in Covid Hotspots and some says that he campaigns as if the pandemic is over but in all, we all know that there are many other issues facing the United States aside the Corona Virus Pandemic and when the virus era is over what happens?


If President Donald Trump loses his re-election bid in November, it will be in part because of his fundamental misunderstanding of the “suburban women” beliefs he was trying to recapture with a series of bizarre and racist appeals that seem more stereotypical of the 1950s. x and 1960s than the American women who actually live in those areas today.

Many female voters who have turned away from Trump are ditching his controversial expressions and disapproving of both his racial attitudes and the pandemic. But he tried to persuade them to back him through a campaign of fear and xenophobia, with claims of a democratic agenda that plunge deep into the realm of absurdity and that only the most naive, low-informed voters will believe.

His speeches at the weekend rally exemplified what he called “America’s suburban housewives,” politically miscalculating women, as he tried to provoke fear of crime on the part of immigrants on Saturday and argued that Joe Biden would turn life around the country.

Trump Continues Bizarre Calls for Suburban Women
Trump Continues Bizarre Calls for Suburban Women Campaigning in Covid Hotspots

Suburban Women

Suburbs, placing public housing projects in the middle of green neighborhoods – a nod to Obama-era housing rules aimed at ending segregation.

“Would you like to build a good low-income housing project next to your beautiful ranch-style country house? In general, no, ”Trump said in Muskegon, Michigan. “I saved your suburbs – women – suburban women, you have to love Trump,” he said.

The president went on to make a ludicrous announcement that Biden and the Democrats want to flood Michigan’s neighborhoods with refugees from Syria, Somalia and Yemen, as well as “poorly verified migrants from jihadist regions.”

Continuing his longstanding image of mocking women, whom he perceives as opponents in sexist or misogynistic terms – a tactic that does not suit women in any party – Trump attacked Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer during the same rally alongside his 2016 rally by Hillary’s opponent Clinton and NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, who moderated his town hall on Thursday night.

Trump has accused Whitmer, whom he previously called a “dictator”, of unnecessarily blocking his state in the fight against the pandemic. This prompted his crowd to burst out chanting “Lock her up!” just over a week after federal authorities uncovered an extremist conspiracy to kidnap Whitmer and overthrow the government.

Rather than denouncing a thwarted conspiracy that led to terrorism, conspiracy and gun charges against more than a dozen people, or discouraging the use of this kind of controversial language, Trump essentially backed the salute with his authoritarian rhetoric about imprisoning his political opponents. by adding Clinton and the Biden Family to the game.

“Lock them all up,” Trump responded to the crowd.

He complained that Whitmer publicly stated that his refusal to denounce white supremacists, extremists and hate groups had given courage to activists like those who allegedly planned an averted attack on her.

“I think they said she was threatened, right?” Trump said, apparently doubting the specifics of the case and underestimating the violence it could have entailed. “She was threatened and she blamed me – she blamed me, and our people were the ones who worked with her people, so let’s see what happens.”

Trump campaign advisor Lara Trump, who is the president’s daughter-in-law, told CNN’s Jake Tupper on Sunday that his “Lock them all” comment was made as a joke.

“I don’t think he did anything at all to provoke people to threaten this woman. He had fun at the Trump rally, ”she told Tupper Sunday at State of the Union. “Listen, the president was at the rally. Cheerful, light atmosphere. Of course, he did not encourage people to threaten this woman. That’s funny”.

But during a Sunday morning interview on NBC, Whitmer said the president’s comments on the rally were “wrong” and “dangerous not only to me and my family, but to government officials everywhere doing their jobs and trying to protect their fellow Americans.” …

“You know, it’s incredibly disturbing that the President of the United States, 10 days after the kidnapping plot, brought me to trial and executed me, 10 days after it was revealed, the President again for this and inspires, stimulates and incites it a kind of domestic terrorism, ”Whitmer said Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press.

At an event in Detroit on Friday, Biden made the exchange between Trump and Whitmer a campaign issue, denouncing Trump for refusing to condemn white supremacist groups during the early debates and for criticizing Whitmer’s post.

“What the hell is wrong with this guy?” – said Biden. “The attack on Governor Whitmer the same day this conspiracy was exposed. This is mean. ”

On Sunday night in Nevada, Trump said Whitmer ran Michigan during the pandemic as a “prison,” calling her a warden.

In his Friday night and Saturday rallies, Trump also attacked Guthrie as angry and overly emotional during NBC’s mayor’s office.

“Her face is anger, madness,” he said, describing how he saw the dynamic when speaking to his supporters on Friday night. When he doubled down on the hysterical woman, he added that he told Guthrie, “Calm down. Relax”.

Later in Janesville, Wisconsin, on Saturday night, the president attempted to undermine the next debate moderator, White House correspondent Kristen Welker, by stating that he had known her “for a long time” and that “she’s very unfair.” The latest presidential debate that Welker will be moderated, will be held Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee.

Trump Continues Bizarre Calls for Suburban Women
Trump Continues Bizarre Calls for Suburban Women Campaigning in Covid Hotspots

It remains unclear if the president simply does not understand how these attacks on women can backfire at a time when millions of women voters are deciding whether to give him a second chance, or if he simply cannot resist this tactic because they criticize before him. crowds.

According to analysis by CNN’s Harry Anten, Biden has climbed 25 spots among female voters on average in the last five real-time polls. In the latest election polls in 2016, Hillary Clinton had a 13-point lead among likely female voters. Trump won the majority of white female voters.

Lara Trump noted in State of Union that Trump is doing better than expected with female voters in 2016, and she predicted this pattern will repeat itself in 2020.
“We know the polls, Jake, are very flawed,” she said.

At his rally on Saturday, the president urged women to go beyond his rhetoric: “The fake news constantly says that suburban women don’t like me because I don’t look good. I don’t have time to be nice. I have a lot of work for you. ”

But his remarks went far beyond acceptable political discourse: he called Democratic candidate Kamala Harris “a monster,” and recently said of Clinton, “the glass ceiling broke her.”

At his Sunday rally in Nevada on water regulations and their effect on dishwashers, Trump did not forget to reach out to women in the suburbs.

“Go get a dishwasher … I said what about this thing? She does not do the dishes well. Women come up to me – those women who they say don’t love me – I really like them. a lot, “Trump said, temporarily changing the subject.” Suburbanites, please vote for me. I’m saving your home. I’m saving your community. I’m curbing your crime. ”

Going back to some of his old lines on a Saturday night in summer about how the radical left is planning to “erase American history, cleanse American values ​​and destroy the American way of life,” Trump has tried to rekindle the debate over the removal of monuments that celebrate American historical life. figures who were slave owners.

“This election will decide whether we will preserve our magnificent legacy or allow extreme left-wing radicals to wipe it off the face of the earth,” he said. “They constantly vilify America as a racist country … America is the grandest and most virtuous nation that ever existed.”

At one point, he described his joy as he watched law enforcement approaching crowds to prevent violence in Minneapolis following protests against racial injustice.

“I don’t know, there’s something about it — when you watch everyone being pushed — there’s something very beautiful about it. I don’t care what I do. Not politically correct … But you people understand that. ”

Trump campaigns like the pandemic is over

Trump campaigned Saturday in Wisconsin and Michigan with little mention of the coronavirus pandemic, despite cases on the rise in most states across the country.

Michigan recorded the highest number of positive test results in a single day, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on Friday.

Wisconsin also reported a new record number of cases on Friday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. According to the COVID Tracking project, the state’s positive sentiment rate was 23.91% as of Saturday morning.

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said Friday that Wisconsin is one of the red states of Covid-19 closely watched by federal officials.

“Your positivity rates are over 10% and are moving in the wrong direction. Cases are in the red, going in the wrong direction, ”Adams said during a press conference in Wisconsin on Friday. “It is very important that we really understand where this virus is circulating so that we can take control of cases and change the positive result.”

Trump Continues Bizarre Calls for Suburban Women
Trump Continues Bizarre Calls for Suburban Women Campaigning in Covid Hotspots

Without going into details, Trump said on Saturday that his plan would “crush the virus” and said his teams are working on a safe vaccine and “a very quick recovery.”

At one point, he acknowledged that outbreaks are currently being seen in some states, but then downplayed that increase in cases as part of a typical pattern for the virus.
Trump said there has recently been a spike or spike in cases in states like Arizona and Florida, but then insisted that they go back.

“You have to open up,” he said in Wisconsin. “You have to get your place.”

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