Trump called Joe Biden’s “move away from oil commentary” perhaps the most shocking admission ever made.

“One of the most amazing moments last night was when Joe Biden admitted he wanted to end the oil industry.”

Joe Biden

President Trump told a crowd of supporters in Florida on Friday that Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s remarks about leaving the oil industry were “perhaps the most shocking confession ever made in a debate.”

“One of the most exciting moments last night was when Joe Biden admitted he wanted to abolish the oil industry,” Trump said at a rally in Villages in Sumter County. – Did you see him this morning? He said, “I really didn’t mean that.”

Trump spoke during his visit to the Sunshine State for a vote Saturday morning at his permanent residence.

Joe Biden

“Biden said, ‘We want to phase it out.’ I said, “Thank you.” Texas, are you watching? Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, are you watching? “Trump said.

“I would switch from the oil industry, yes,” Biden said in response Thursday night when Trump asked if he would shut down the economy.

“This is a serious statement … because the oil industry is highly polluting … over time it needs to be replaced with renewable energy sources … I would stop giving to the oil industry, I would stop giving them federal subsidies. ”

Trump responded: “This is possibly the most serious statement from a business perspective … because, in essence, he said he was going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember this, Texas? Will you remember this Pennsylvania, Oklahoma? ”

Joe Biden said Trump is taking his comments out of context and that the country needs to “move to zero emissions … by 2050 completely.”
When Joe Biden insisted on his comments Friday morning, he declined to comment.

“Ultimately we will have to [get rid of] oil, but we will not get rid of fossil fuels. We are getting rid of fossil fuel subsidies, but we are not getting rid of fossil fuels for, ”Joe Biden said in response to a CNN reporter. “It won’t go away … probably until 2050.”

Joe Biden formulated his plan as a commitment to ending fossil fuels in front of a liberal audience or, alternatively, a commitment not to ditch fossil fuel jobs overnight in favor of more centrist jobs.

Joe Biden said Thursday night he would not ban hydraulic fracturing, but at the same time promised to ditch fossil fuels.

Trump, in a debate on Thursday, accused Joe Biden of advocating a ban on hydraulic fracturing.
“He was against hydraulic fracturing,”

Trump said. “He said this … until he got the appointment, went to Pennsylvania, then he said – but you know what Pennsylvania is, he will be against it very soon because his party is totally against it.”

“Fracking on federal soil,” I said, “without fracturing and / or oil on federal soil,” Joe Biden retorted.
“I never said I was against hydraulic fracturing,” Biden said firmly.
“You said it on tape!” Trump exclaimed.

Show the cassette! Place on your site! ” Joe Biden challenged the president. “The thing is, he’s lying.”
Trump’s campaign immediately drew back fire with montage of Biden’s remarks protesting against fracking.

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