Tonight: Kelly Loeffler and Rafael Warnock meet in Georgia Senate Debate

Georgia Senate Debate: This is one of two seats that will hand over control of the Senate to Republicans or Democrats.
ATLANTA (AP) – Candidates for one of two US Senate seats still hanging by a thread will meet in a debate of great interest outside Georgia.

Georgia Senate Debate

Georgia Senate Debate

That’s because the seat now occupied by incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler and opposed by Democrat Raphael Warnock is one of two that will hand over control of the Senate to Republicans or Democrats. Loeffler and Warnock will meet face to face on Sunday at 19:00. ET in a debate sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club.

While Warnock has pushed for additional debates, none have been scheduled yet, which means this may be the only personal discussion between the two candidates. You can agree with me that this Georgia Senate Debate is becoming very interesting.

Another Senate seat, which is still undecided, belongs to Republican Georgia Senator David Purdue, who declined to face his Democratic rival John Ossoff in additional debates after the two vied twice ahead of the general election. Ossoff will get a solo platform on Sunday to prove his case.

The second round will determine which party controls the US Senate, sparking a huge wave of money and orchestrating efforts to get Georgians to vote again on January 5 or earlier. State voters cast a small majority for Democrat Joe Biden in November. but Purdue overtook President Donald Trump, while Ossoff lagged behind Biden.

Trump announces his campaign complaints against rally in defense of Georgian senators

Republicans currently have a 50-48 advantage in the Senate, but if Democrats win both races, Vice President Kamala Harris will give a decisive vote in Joe Biden’s new administration, giving Democrats control. Republicans will retain their current majority even if they win only one of the two races.

In both races, a second round is required by Georgia law because neither candidate won 50% of the vote in November. Purdue nearly defeated Ossoff because the libertarian candidate won a small fraction of the vote, while Warnock topped Loeffler in a 20-position field in which none of the candidates came close to 50%.

Georgia Senate Debate

Georgia Senate Debate

Republicans attack their Democratic opponents as socialists and radicals, claiming that the transfer of control to the party will lead to unacceptable consequences. Democrats are attacking Perdue and Loeffler’s stock trading activities, claiming that it proves the two are wealthy people who care more about their wallets than people suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Loeffler and Purdue gathered on Saturday in Valdosta with Trump, who has come to the state to support the candidates, despite ongoing questions about whether Trump’s unsubstantiated attacks on Georgia’s presidential elections will cause some of his Republican supporters to dodge the second round.

Loeffler and Purdue met Friday in Savannah with Vice President Mike Pence.
On Friday, Warnock and Ossoff held a virtual rally with former President Barack Obama.

Georgia Senate Debate has so far become the news in many head lines as the whole world still stay on the lookout through their monitoring news agents to know the outcome of the United States of American Elections in the year 2020.

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