The Security Truth About Best Video Chat Apps

With the recent development globally regarding the Pandemic COVID_19, this has led to the use of various kinds of video chat apps. Today, we can connect with our Friends and well wishers, attend meetings, classes including sitting for a job interview.

All these were possible through our modern technologies already invented thereby aiding us the ability to work from home.

Video Chat App

Video Chat App

The modern technologies invented today to help curb the circulation of the COVID-19 Pandemic are secure and also great for staying in touch with the people you cherish and desire.

You need not fear anymore as your personal data is safe because this is the area the hackers and cybercriminals dwell to aim their victims.

This is basically why you should mind the kind of apps you download on your devices to avoid selling off your personal details to the wrong people. Always think about this: Is my personal data secured and how secured are they?

Video Chat App

Let’s talk about the security in video chat apps and together we are going to analyse the very popular ones to even know if there are some vulnerabilities around them.

How secured are the video chat apps? This is just an app and it’s not totally secured 100%. Such apps have a way of extracting your personal information and could use it against you. This is called security failures. When there are any of such failures, the bad ones can readily use your information against you.

Zoom some time ago was faced with some accusations of having leaked peoples personal information to facebook and this included as well the data users of those who never had accounts with the social media platform.

Again, with Zoom some loose ends around their app security, that gave those hackers the ability of stealing from them their victims Windows credentials through the Zooms UNC links and information.

With these two explanations you can agree with me that some of those apps has their loop holes but could that suggest that you can’t use them anymore? No! You can still use them but it all entails you being very careful in installing any app of your choice so that you personal data and information wouldn’t be used against you later. In all these, what you need to do are to research and investigate about any app you about to install to enable you be at a safe end.

How do I know the problems I would face if my video chat app is not secured?

Video Chat App

There are so many vulnerabilities with some of the video chat app we use today and this is caused by the security failures which is also known as security holes and here are the reasons why you should be careful of your choice of app you download:

  • Your privacy and data can be undermined – If your video is not encrypted, this could be very dangerous as the hackers might go in to distort the messages your are sending or the voice note you are making and so be careful enough to know if that video chat app don’t encrypt the data you share, because it spells doom as hackers can hear whatever you say or access any files you share. Always remember that they can even distort the message you are transmitting.
  • Your video chat access can be changed – They can change the access to your video chat– When you are not sure of the apps you are using, it means that anything can happen to you anytime. Security failures otherwise known as security holes prevent you from controlling who accesses your conversation or meeting. As we throw more light on this, you can agree with me that it’s this security failures also known as security holes is the reason why there have been so many cases of online trolls “bombing” video conferences and even taking over calls that are underway. This can set you up and make you a victim of these hackers’ desires.
  • Your computer can be faced with the unreal problem they created – They can create fake problems with your computer– In some cases because they already gained access to your information and data, they would readily transmit some problems to your computer and still appear back to you as online professionals who are good with the repairs of either your microphone or camera and by then in your ignorance, you would hand over control of them all to these hackers.
  • Your PC’s control can be taken over from you – These hackers knows their prey and uses every means available to them to attack when you least expected it and they can use the vulnerabilities in video chat apps to gain a 100% undeniable access to your computer if need be.

Do you know how you can protect yourself during a video call conversation?

Video Chat App.

Here is a few ways you can take some steps towards ensuring your cyber security before you have a video chat, that way you are sure of being protected.

  1. Make sure your video chat app is up-to-date– Anytime these apps are updated they are worked upon to improve its security failures otherwise known as security holes to avert their users the chances of being vulnerable with the old app which does not have strong security walls around it. Always make sure you are using the latest apps from the developers regardless of whether or not it’s the mobile device app you are using or the desktop app.
  2. Always protect your meetings with a password– Protect yourself online during a conference or work meeting if you are the one hosting the online meeting by adding a password to the app as you activate the waiting room. If you are just able to follow these guidelines, and then know it that you are protected it’s an assurance that it’s only the participants in your meeting will be your invited guests till the session is over thereby keeping your data and information secured.
  3. Switch off your guests’ microphones and cameras– In guarding yourself from these hackers; it’s important you remember to put your guest’s cameras and microphones off if you are going to give a chat. This also in addition to the above.
  4. Beware of uninvited guests– This calls for you to be very careful and deem it necessary to do a head count as frequent as you can once the meeting commences because failure to do such will result into having people sneaking in to the platform if you are hosting a work meeting.
  5. Be mindful of who you’re chatting with–Please, I will beg you here not to be careless as the sensitive information you share with someone you don’t know or trust 100% might be a channel through which the hackers will come after you.
  6. Don’t video chat with strangers– Avoid using random video chat apps whenever you are online. Also, avoid accepting a video chat invitation from someone you don’t know. This could be disastrous.
  7. Don’t click on any links you receive– This one is very crucial and seen always as a general rule. Don’t click on any links you are sent during a chat as it could redirect you to a malicious website that uses the security holes in your video chat app to gain access to your computer, data and personal information.
  8. Activate two-step verification– It’s best to video chat with apps that has a two step verification as it makes it harder for these hackers to gain access to your accounts. At the moment you discover the two step verification on the video chat app, activate it at once.
  9. Never make video calls on open Wi-Fi networks–All that glitters are not gold as you be running the risk of of being intercepted in your conversations when you are using a public or open Wi-Fi networks.

Do you know how secured these popular video chat apps are?


Video Chat App

WhatsApp is today one of the world’s leading and most popular messaging apps for texts, phone calls, and video chats. This platform has a well secured end to end encryption that allows you and your partner only to access your content.

Whatsapp is 100% encrypted and uses the Signal Protocol system from open whisper which is one of the best in the world. You can download whatsapp right away below as it is a secure app for video conferencing.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app across the globe. You can also make voice and video calls for up to four users. The calls are on the phone’s data plan or via WiFi, so voice calls do not eat up your phone minutes. Since it has such a far reach, it’s the best choice to stay in touch with international loved ones.

Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 4

  • WhatsApp for Android (REMEMBER TO LINK IT TO): www.whatsapp.softonic.com/android

WhatsApp (Android)DESCARGAR

  • WhatsApp for iOS (REMEMBER TO LINK IT TO): www.whatsapp.softonic.com/iphone




Video Chat App

Instagram is a popular social media app to see pictures from your favorite celebrities and friends. In addition to the main feed, it has a chat feature that allows you to easily switch to video. You can also go live on video calls with your friends too.

Video Chat App

Works with: Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 6



Video Chat App

Zoom with no doubts has been the star app of the COVID-19 confinement season as it has allowed families separated by the pandemic to stay in touch and students to attend classes from home as well.

Though it is acceptable now but that is not to say that it’s an airtight app especially with the recent many security-related scandals it has faced recently.

I will still give it to them that they are working harder always to stay up by tackling the vulnerability in those already identified challenges around their app but there could be some yet unidentified ones and if you must use this app, then it is advisable you follow the steps stated above.

Video Chat App

Popular for work conferences, school classes, and all virtual get togethers alike, Zoom is the best overall choice for a video chat app. It works great on both desktop and mobile devices with options to view just the person speaking or the whole group.

Hosts can also organize webinars where they’re the only one with video and audio. It’s free to use, but there’s a 40 minute time limit for three or more users unless you opt for one of their pricing plans.

Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 100 until paid subscription

  • Zoom for PC

Zoom MeetingsDESCARGAR

  • Zoom for Android

Zoom Meetings (Android)DESCARGAR

  • Zoom for iOS

Zoom Meetings (iOS)DESCARGAR



Video Chat App

Messenger as we all know is Facebook’s messaging and chat app which can be used to chat with friends on the social media platform. In the past, messenger wasn’t a very secured means of communications because of the loop holes around it but today it has gained many features that protects your privacy.

You can have a secret conversation through this chat app without any fears today as it is 100% encrypted and it’s relatively a secure app for communication.


Video Chat App

Facebook Messenger is a separate application that lets you easily chat and video call with your Facebook friends. Video calls have a limit of 50 users, which is more than most social networks with video chat capabilities. Since your whole extended family likely already has a Facebook account, it’s easy to get them on board – even if they’re not totally tech-savvy.

Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 

  • Messenger for PC


  • Messenger for Android

Messenger (Android)DESCARGAR

  • Messenger for iOS

Messenger (iOS)DESCARGAR


Google Duo

Video Chat App

Google Duo gives you the privacy you desire if you are concerned about your privacy. The good thing about this app is that it encrypts calls by default giving you the ability to have a secure communication as it is just you and the person you are chatting with can hear or see you.

Google Duo is one of the best apps with guarantee over your privacy in your video chats as it runs smoothly by optimization not minding the type of connection you are using to place the chat.

Google Duo is the newest app from Google that’s perfect for video calls between Android and iPhone users. Unlike Facetime, Google Duo is ideal to use when you have friends without iPhones.

The app has an innovative feature called “Knock Knock” where you can get a preview of who is on the other end of the line before accepting the call. We also love Google Hangouts for work calls.

Works with: Windows and macOS (desktop), Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 

  • Google Duo for Android

Google Duo (Android)DESCARGAR

  • Google Duo for iOS




Video Chat App

Snapchat is popular among the teens as it is widely used among them for all kinds of multimedia contents. It’s fun to chat with it as it has many filters and fun effects which can be easily added to the video chats but in terms of an assured privacy for a video chat avoid snapchat as it’s very vulnerable due to the fact that it relies on the symmetric key encryption of the app itself which cannot guarantee a safe chat.

Video Chat App

Teens love Snapchat for its social features that let you share videos and pictures with a 24 hour time limit. When chatting, users can switch to video calls with a max of 16 users. Snapchat has great filters built-in for fun ways to change your appearance.

Works with: Android and iOS (mobile)
Max users: 
16 with video, 32 voice only

  • Snapchat for Android


  • Snapchat for iOS


It is our hope that we have met your desires in guiding you on how protect your video chats through our articles. We hope to update this profile once you hint us through our comment section of the app you are using which we didn’t add here.



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