Survival Skills Every Woman Should Know

Survival Skills Every Woman Should Know is very key in the present day world as the economy of many nations are no longer becoming stable. With the details here you can be rest assured that survival will be easy and life will be firm. Take your time and digest the information we have here.

Survival Skills

Survival Skills Every Woman Should Know
Survival Skills Every Woman Should Know

In a time of disaster danger, would you be able to survive?

It’s been a long struggle for women to prove their worth to society. Often, women are seen as vulnerable creatures incapable of handling themselves, particularly in precarious situations. However, women are born survivalists and strategists. They have a built-in survival instinct that quickly activates when their families and loved ones are in danger. But often, with limited experience and low self-confidence in survivalism, women may not feel prepared to lead in a survival situation.

Hence, it is every woman’s responsibility to educate herself in matters of survival. Here are some necessary skills that every woman should know before SHTF (shit hits the fan) :

Learn First Aid Skills

One of the first things you need to know is how to treat yourself, or another person, in case of injury or illness. If you have sustained broken bones or deep wounds, you might die from excessive blood loss or infection. Hence, one of the necessary survival skills that everyone should know extremely well is how to do first aid.

If you have obtained lacerations with minimal bleeding, apply pressure to the affected area until the bleeding stops. This technique helps speed up the blood clotting and prevent any further blood loss.


Knowing how to build a fire can give you an advantage. Aside from giving you light to help move around at night, having fire enables you to cook food, stay warm, and sterilize water. It can also serve as protection from predators and wild animals that roam around at night.

It is, therefore, a good practice to keep a fire starter on your person at all times. Also, make sure to hone your fire skills and try to practice making a fire in different weather situations. Also, be sure to use all types of fuel imaginable. You never know when you’ll be at the mercy of wet firewood and damp earth.

Sending Survival Signals

In critical situations when you need to call the attention of rescuers, using your whistle might be limited to ground responders. If you’re out in the wild and need to draw the attention of an aircraft or distant rescue team, you need to build a traditional survival signal of help. This signal is three of anything.

For example, if you are to use fire, you need to build a triangle with three huge flames. Make sure your light will be able to produce a good deal of smoke. Gather green leafy branches or bushes, or if you have motor oil or rubber, that can work as well. These materials produce dark smoke which makes your signal more noticeable. However, make sure that you can handle your fire without letting it recklessly spread.

Water Purification

Clean-looking water with no floating impurities doesn’t mean it’s safe for drinking. Most of the time, water from seemingly clean sources is contaminated with microorganisms and parasites. Hence, you first need to purify it before consumption.

One way to purify your drinking water is to boil it. Other options include using iodine, chlorine bleach, or water purifying tablets. It is crucial to be adept at this survival skills every woman should know as it is essential to stay hydrated.

Searching for Food

When you’re out in the wild, and you don’t have any food, what do you do? Simple: you look for food.

Searching for food is especially hard if you don’t know if a plant, fruit, or wild game is edible or not. There are many instances in which campers fall ill from eating a wild berry or a plant that’s not meant for human consumption.

It is essential to learn how to feed yourself when in the wild. Familiarize yourself with edible plants and game. Also, remember not to eat game that shows signs of sickness or decay, as they could be infested with parasites which can transfer to you once you eat them.

These are just a few skills to learn to increase your chances of surviving in the wilderness. After all, your life, as well as your family’s, might depend on your capacity to keep them safe and sound during and after the onset of a disaster.

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