RNC Chairman McDaniel: President Trump’s accomplishments show he deserves re-election

President Trump has built a strong economy once, and he’s doing it for the second time

President Trump

President Trump

In front of tens of millions of Americans, President Trump delivered a dominant speech in Thursday night’s debate and reminded us that he has done more for our country in the past 47 months than former Vice President Joe Biden has done in 47 years as an unlucky and corrupt career politics. …

And since Biden had nowhere to hide, President Trump did what the left-wing media was completely unwilling to do during this entire campaign – insisting on Biden’s radical agenda and his candidacy for Senator Kamala Harris, as well as on Biden’s long history of trading politicians, access to the stuffing of pockets of his family members.

Biden admitted that his goal is to eventually shut down the oil industry, and presumably the gas and coal industries. This will result in a ban on hydraulic fracturing.

This should send a clear message to the millions of Americans whose jobs are fossil fuels or depend on them: Joe Biden is coming for you.

The president forced Biden to explain why he wants to impose more onerous rules on small businesses and defend a tax plan that would raise taxes by $ 4 trillion and lower median household income by about $ 6,500.

President Trump has exposed how Joe Biden’s healthcare proposal will lead us on a devastating road to public socialized medicine, and with it, the elimination of private health insurance plans for 180 million Americans.

When President Trump issued a high-profile report that Joe Biden discussed business dealings with his son Hunter when he was vice president, Biden did not deny the authenticity of the allegations.

The liberal media’s refusal to report on Biden’s credible allegations of corruption, for the sole reason that it could harm Joe Biden’s political prospects, shows why voters have lost faith in any notion of a fair and independent press in our country.

Combine the blatant bias of the anti-Trump media with Big Tech’s harsh censorship of several Biden corruption stories that are actually being published, and you will see that the elites in our country act more like what we expect to see under a foreign dictatorship than in our democracy. …

Despite the conspiracy of the leftist media to protect Biden from any scrutiny, there is one thing that all the biased media in the world cannot hide: President Trump’s track record of achieving real results for all Americans over the past four years.

This is why, even during the worst public health crisis in a century, 56% of Americans believe they are doing better now than they were four years ago. This is thanks to the leadership of President Trump.

Americans know that President Trump once built a strong economy, and he is doing so for the second time, spearheading the Great American Comeback. They know that he has fought and made better trade deals and fought to get our allies to agree and pay their fair share to fulfill our mutual defense obligations.

They know he is pursuing an aggressive deregulation program that has allowed us to become energy independent, advancing our economic interests as well as our national security interests.

They know that President Trump has fulfilled his promise to appoint rule of law judges and qualified constitutionalists to the federal college at a record pace.

Republicans are not united by any issue like the appointment of judges, and there is no better evidence of promises, made and promises made under President Trump’s leadership than the fact that the Republican Senate will vote Monday to approve Justice Amy Connie Barrett as a Supreme Court Justice.

With Joe Biden pledging to fundamentally transform the third branch of government, the issue of judges has never been as important as it is now.

All these and many other questions will be put to a vote in a little over a week.
However, Thursday’s debate, more than any particular set of policy measures, showed Americans why the choices they face in this election are as clear as ever.

The Americans themselves saw that this election is a choice between professional politician Joe Biden, who, after almost half a century in Washington, worsened the situation of Americans, and a fighter in the person of President Trump, who fights every day on behalf of the American people.

Voters are faced with a choice between an entrenched political establishment, which always cares only about itself, and an outsider, who is not afraid to take on special interests.

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