Paul Tudor Jones Net Worth

Paul Tudor Jones Net Worth and wage: Paul Tudor Jones is an American businessman who has a web worth of $4.three billion. Paul Tudor Jones gained his web worth by being the founding father of Tudor Funding Firm, which is a administration agency for quite a few private funding partnerships.

Paul Tudor Jones Net Worth

Internet Worth: $4.three Billion
Date of Supply: Sep 28, 1954 (66 years outdated)
Gender: Male
Profession: Supplier, Investor
Nationality: United States of America

Paul Tudor Jones Net Worth:

$4.three Billion
Paul Tudor Jones II was born in Memphis, Tennessee in September 1954. He is the founding father of the non-public asset administration agency and hedge fund Tudor Funding Firm.
He is the 108th richest American and the world’s 345th richest specific particular person. Jones will be the founding father of the Robin Hood Foundation. He earned a degree in economics from the School of Virginia in 1976. Jones was moreover a welterweight boxing champion.
In 1976 he labored as a clerk at E.F. Hutton and later turned a seller. Jones started Tudor Funding Firm in 1980. He predicted Black Monday in 1987 and tripled his money by way of the event. Jones was featured inside the 1987 film TRADER: The Documentary. He married Sonia Klein in 1988 and the couple has Four kids.
Jones is a philanthropist and primarily based the Excellence Structure School which was the nation’s first all-boys structure college. He moreover primarily based the Bedford Stuyvestant I Have A Dream Foundation.
He made a $35 million donation to School of Virginia and was a key decide inside the firing of the school’s president in 2012. He is a former chairman of the Nationwide Fish and Wildlife Foundation and is a chair for the Everglades Foundation. He plead accountable in 1990 to filling protected wetlands on his property. His Robin Hood Foundation was primarily based to provide consideration to reducing poverty.

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