Newt Gingrich: Trump three highlights in campaign

Biden will ruin Trump’s economic recovery and cause depression in the United States according to Newt Gingrich during an interview with the press.

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich

President Trump had a big closing debate Thursday night. His tone was presidential. His discipline made the debate more substantive and relevant than his first debate with former Vice President Joe Biden.

On the contrary, four days of hiding in the basement seemed to rob Biden of some of his energy. At the end of the debate, Biden was tired enough to make a clear statement criticizing the oil and gas industry, which he would never have done had he been fresh.

In fact, female Democratic congressmen in Oklahoma and New Mexico immediately disavowed Biden’s position. He likely guaranteed Trump Texas, helped push Pennsylvania into Trump’s column, and made a Republican Senate victory in New Mexico more likely.

President Trump’s dominance in this debate was captured by sociologist Frank Luntz in a report on the keywords his focus group used to describe the two candidates after their conclusion.

Luntz said his group described President Trump as a controlled, low-key, level-headed, con man and, surprisingly, a president. (I’m sure the mainstream media will focus on “scammers” and ignore others).

Still, after the initial debate, four of those words turned out to be more than any Trump advisor could have hoped. In contrast, Luntz’s group described Biden as vague, vague, elusive, defensive, and old-fashioned. What is bipolar disorder? Check out details!

For some reason, I don’t think vague, elusive, defensive, and old-fashioned conditions win (I gave up on specific ones because they are not so harsh).

Some of President Trump’s supporters will be tempted to relax now that the debate is over, as the President appears to have done so well. This would be a huge mistake. ~Newt Gingrich

This campaign will not end until the last vote is tallied. This means that some communities will have to maintain the focus of the campaign through possible recalculations.

This discussion is not the end of the campaign. There is still more than a week left before the vote acquisition phase.

Remember Trump’s last rally in 2016 was in the early morning of election day in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The news coverage of this rally and the human energy of an excited audience may have been a significant part of the narrow border he carried the state over.

Trump and his campaign will face an onslaught of attacking advertisements and unrelenting hostility from 93 percent of the media as we approach Election Day. He must keep pace and stay on the attack all this time.

The key is to simplify the campaign message to three simple components: 70 percent should be focused on the economy, 20 percent on Biden’s character and corruption, and 10 percent on the path to successfully defeating COVID-19.

It is important to have the discipline to focus 70 percent of the remaining campaign on the economy, which is the president’s greatest strength. There is every reason to believe that under his leadership, America will experience a V-shaped recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

In contrast, Vice President Biden was in the administration that has been the slowest recovering since the Great Depression. Do you know why Biden is not preparing for Pennsylvania campaign on Monday? Check out now!

All About Biden’s Agenda – Destroying the Fossil Fuel Industry, Destroying Small Businesses with $ 15 Minimum Hourly Wages, Massive Tax Hikes, Expanding Rules to Protect Trade Unions and Left Values, Adopting Bad Trade Deals Killing American Jobs, Supporting His Wall Street donors instead of working Americans will kill Trump’s recovery and lead to Biden’s depression.

However, as the president pointed out during Thursday night’s debates, the issue of economic recovery is more than just macroeconomic policy.

President Trump should urge the governors of the most highly segregated states to reopen and allow people to return to work.

He should protect small businesses from ruinous governors like Andrew Cuomo of New York, Philip Murphy of New Jersey, Stephen Sisolak of Nevada, Gavin Newsom of California, and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.

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