Moniece Slaughter In Major Car Crash

Moniece Slaughter In Major Car Crash and was saved by only the divine intervention as her car was damaged beyond recognition and here are the details as they are below:

Moniece Slaughter In Major Car Crash
Moniece slaughter

Prayers up for Moniece Slaughter! The former reality star was in a bad car accident while visiting family in Hunstville, Alabama. Thankfully, Slaughter didn’t suffer major injuries (or worse) as a result of the crash, but the photos of the totaled vehicle she posted on Instagram prove that she’s lucky to have escaped with her life. What are the 10 new car technologies you need to know? Check out now!

Moniece Slaughter exclaimed: “I can’t believe I walked away from this accident. Lost feeling in my left side from the airbags being deployed. I’m starting to feel it. My arm was hanging out of the window (window was down & my cigarette was lit). Airbag blew my arm back in the car. Left arm is swollen & cut up my left leg is inflamed. But God has yet again showed up and showed me favor,” she wrote.

Moniece Slaughter added, “The driver that hit us ended up underneath someone’s house. They had to lift the house off its foundation and use the jaws of life to get them out of the car. Talk about divine intervention.

I refused to go with paramedics so my aunt called my dad. He was there within what felt like a flash. Our family has had one hell of an emotional day.” Also see this 9 car technology in the future. Check out details!

Read her full post, and see her devastating pictures of the vehicle, through the link below:


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