Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow in wigs at Trump rally: “People will go to jail” for voting in Georgia

Mike Lindell CEO of MyPillow, clarified how he thinks Trump can claim to win the presidential election won by Joe Biden.

Mike Lindell CEO of MyPillow

Mike Lindell CEO of MyPillow

On Saturday night, there was a particularly insane tirade on Twitter from President Donald Trump’s student and MyPillow Guy campaign advisor Mike Lindell. Lindell insisted that people “go to jail” because Georgia’s voters chose Joe Biden.

“How not to put people in jail?” Lindell asked in an interview at a Trump rally in Georgia on Saturday night. “They’ll go to jail,” he added, referring to the Georgia results that Biden won.

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Lindell, best known for his starring roles in advertising MyPillow for the company he founded, laid out his – and Trump’s plan – to take voters away from Georgia. This is the same basic plan that the president presented in a phone call with Republican Gov. Brian Kemp earlier Saturday. (Kemp explained to the president that he did not have the power to cancel elections in a democracy.)

Then they would take over the election, Lindell swore. However, it was a little fuzzy in detail.
“We have to get this governor … Brian Kemp has to give the order to hold a meeting of Congress, whatever they do, their legislators, and to tear down Georgia and not give it to Biden,” Lindell shouted.

“It doesn’t matter who they give it to; don’t tell Biden this or find out about your corruption. ”
He added: “If you destroy Georgia, Pennsylvania and the Nevada curve, now no one has 270 [electoral] votes, and on December 14, he will go to the [Electoral College] vote, and Donald Trump will win the election!”

Trump announces his campaign complaints against rally in defense of Georgian senators

“Wow! I love your passion and your motivation,” the right-hand interviewer replied.
There was absolutely no evidence of election corruption in the country. This is why the votes are verified by the states, and several lawsuits challenging the results have been dismissed from the courts.

However, Lindell is no stranger to fairy tales. Earlier this year, the CEO of a bedding company urged Trump to take an unproven herbal oleandrin extract to treat COVID-19, insisting it is “100% effective.”

There is absolutely no publicly available evidence that oleandrin, an extract of the toxic oleander plant, has ever been tested in humans or animals against COVID-19. Lindell is an investor in a company that produces what some call “snake oil.”

Once Twitter followers overcame fears of what they described as a “fascist coup,” they were more likely to enjoy the crash.

Mike Lindell CEO of MyPillow



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