Biden’s very bad week shook up the race: Liz Peek

We will soon find out if the 2020 campaign lasted too long for candidate Joe Biden.


Welcome to the final week of one of the most vengeful and brutal elections in our country’s history. We will soon find out if the establishment elite managed to defeat the president who broke glass to make our country great again.

We’ll also find out if Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign lasted one week too long.

New revelations that Biden appeared to be lying when he claimed he was unaware of his son Hunter’s shady business operations in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, and that the candidate might in fact be involved into this activity, rocked the campaign.


Biden recently said, “Our characters are on the newsletter; look at us carefully. ” Perhaps he should add, “But not too close.”

Bad performance at Thursday’s debates hurt Biden as well. Biden stumbled several times and also admitted that he wanted to “shut down the oil industry.”

It was an embarrassing announcement on nationwide television for a candidate to win in the energy state of Pennsylvania. Later, the candidate tried to recant his statement, but, like earlier promises to stop hydraulic fracturing, damage was done.

This shouldn’t surprise voters; You will not be able to achieve Biden’s stated zero emissions goal in the next 30 years without dismantling our amazingly affordable and reliable energy infrastructure and moving away from oil and gas.

Although Biden leads nationwide polls by an average of 8 points, according to Real Clear Politics, his lead is diminishing both nationally and in some critical fluctuating conditions.

Who can you surprise? He ran the most pathetic non-campaign in history, abandoning important interviews and hiding in his basement.

Biden’s campaign team thinks he has the race in his pocket and is not taking risks. Its strategists don’t believe Biden will survive routine reporters’ meetings and wanted it to be a hassle-free race, hoping to make it a fully referendum on President Trump’s identity and the fight against the coronavirus.

They fear that the more Americans see Biden, the more they may worry about his wit or dislike his increasingly leftist politics.

His devastating mistake in the oil debate came despite Biden spending several days in seclusion, ostensibly preparing for this confrontation. Such a “time-out” is almost unimaginable in the last leg of the presidential race, when millions of undecided voters are making decisions.

The disappearance was not a break in learning; this was in response to allegations that the candidate may have been involved in his son Hunter’s attempts to cash in on Biden’s position in the White House in China and Ukraine. Why is Biden not planning not planning any events? Check out now!

The liberal press tried to suppress this story; some have dismissed this as “Russian disinformation.”

But laptops, cell phones and other evidence support the allegations, while the director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, said there was no indication that Russia was behind the story.

Efforts by Twitter and Facebook to curb this backfired and sparked widespread scandal. Instead of defiantly refuting this story, Biden went underground. It was unreasonable.

Meanwhile, Trump, who has just ended the fight against coronavirus, is traveling the country vigorously reminding voters that our country was in amazing shape before COVID-19 arrived from Wuhan. He promises that if the chance presents itself, he will restore record low unemployment, raise wages and expand opportunities that benefited all Americans back in January.

56% of Americans tell Gallup that they are better than four years ago, and that the economy is the number one issue for most, is a powerful argument.

And Trump, like in 2016, is doing it powerfully. His rallies draw crowds even in the COVID era; the enthusiasm is undeniable and in stark contrast to the lax campaigning that Joe Biden and his surrogates are holding.

In his infrequent face-to-face meetings, Biden usually doesn’t answer questions, doesn’t chat with reporters in the pool, and reads from a teleprompter to a handful of socially distanced visitors.

Even President Obama failed to gather the crowd. According to the pool, recently speaking in Florida, the former president attracted just 228 cars and about 400 people. It wouldn’t be surprising if Obama got off the trail; such walks are embarrassment.

Trump needs his rallies. He is fighting not only Biden, but also the liberal media, as well as social media, who want voters to believe the elections are over. Do you know how Trump and Biden are preparing for their elections? Check out now!

The headlines illuminate unfavorable polls that more than 60 million Americans have already voted, and that in some states, early Democrats are outnumbering Republicans. These reports ignore widespread expectations that Democratic voters are more likely to vote early and that there are still nearly one hundred million votes yet to be cast.

Biden’s supporters, including most of the media, want to lower the Republican turnout by portraying the Trump case as hopeless.

To be sure, Trump appears to be lagging behind in some key wavering states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan.

But we’ve been here before. In 2016, an AP-GfK poll showed Democrat Hillary Clinton to be 14 points ahead at the same time in the race. This was no exception. Almost all polls showed that Clinton won by a wide margin.

In retrospect, opinion polls noted the Trump voter shy effect – the perception that not all of the president’s supporters were open about who they would vote for. Some analysts argue that there are even more “shy” Trumpers today; after all, support for the president is far more controversial and even dangerous than it was four years ago.

In 2016, Americans watching the giant turnout of Trump enthusiasts at rally after rally began to question the unfavorable poll results.
Perhaps they should do the same today.

Can Trump pull it off? Maybe. If Trump wins, Democrats will regret their Hiden Biden strategy; they will also want one week less on the calendar.

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