Re-electing Trump: Laura Ingram urges voters.

Trump’s second victory will show that America “belongs … to all people, not just a select few,” says the Fox News presenter -Laura Ingram.

Laura Ingram
Americans have a chance to fight back the political, financial and cultural elite by re-electing President Trump on November 3, Laura Ingram said Friday.

Laura Ingram

“If you love America, if you think our experiment with democracy is one of the greatest triumphs of the human spirit, and you reject this pay-per-game government that Biden symbolizes, you must support President Trump,” Laura Ingram’s Angle said … “master.”

This is our chance. Never before in my life have elites gathered in so many numbers and spent so much money to stop a political movement. ”

Laura Ingram said the Biden’s Democratic-Establishment Alliance had controlled the levers of power in America for decades, but over time failed its constituencies. Do you know Laura Osnes net worth? Check out now!

“They used to mock us, but now they are afraid of us,” she said. “They are right. They had a chance to rule this country for decades, and they missed it.

“Let them spend billions on propaganda, let them spread their lies, let them tremble with threats and anger. We will challenge them. ”

Laura Ingram added that while Biden is backed by an insider class from Hollywood, big tech, and the ring road, the man himself is not particularly enthusiastic among the public, aside from his status as a “non-Trump necessity at the moment.”

“On election day, let us teach the elite and their minions a message they will never forget,” she said. “In America, power belongs to the people — the entire people, not just a select elite who write checks every four years.”

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