Jay Jay Evans joins Buckland on loan

United midfielder Jacob Evans has been loaned to Buckland Athletic who is popularly known as Jay Jay Evans.

Jay Jay Evans joins Buckland on loan
Jay Jay Evans joins Buckland on loan

Jay Jay Evans

Joining professional teams for the summer, Gull Johnson, the head of the Gulls, has no doubt about the benefits that the action of the adult match will bring to Evans ’game after the pre-season campaign is suspended.

“Jay Jay Evans has missed several pre-season injuries and we are trying to get him out of youth football into men’s,” Johnson said.

“Jay Jay Evans manages all the training with the first team and now he will need at least a month of games. He does not drive, so it had to be local and that would be useful for his natural development.

“Jay Jay Evans is a very good footballer, he’ll never lose this, and I’m sure Buckland will be better off with him in their group.”

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