I feel discriminated against says Jessica Alves

EXCLUSIVE: “I feel discriminated against”: Jessica Alves reports she was BANNED on Tinder after just 24 hours for “breaking protocols

I feel discriminated against says Jessica Alves

Jessica Alves

Jessica Alves said she was banned from using the dating app Tinder for allegedly “breaking protocols.”
The 37-year-old social media star said she felt “discriminated against” after claiming that her account was locked forever after just 24 hours on the site.

Speaking exclusively for MailOnline, she said, “I’m still single, looking for and even working on a dating show for Netflix, but COVID has made things a little slow.
“So I tried to use Tinder, and after 24 hours my account was blocked and blocked.

“I had a lot of messages, but I only chatted with one man, tall, blonde, muscular, attractive and independent, and before I could give him my number, my account was blocked.

I feel discriminated against says Jessica Alves

Then I contacted Tinder via email and they said that I would never be able to use Tinder again because I broke their protocols when I obviously did nothing.

Reflecting on the possible reasons for her banning from Tinder, Jessica continued: “Users must have reported that my account was also fake. Now I’m wondering if I got suspended because I’m a trans woman?

“Don’t I have the same civil rights to do online dating, especially during COVID when we really can’t date people?

She said: “It’s very frustrating and I feel very discriminated against by Tinder.”

MailOnline contacted a Tinder spokesperson for comment.
Reasons Tinder will block an account include posting nudity or sexually explicit material, impersonating someone, harassment, copyright infringement, or posting violent or gore.

Jessica, who was recently seen packing on the PDA alongside her former beau Giacomo Urtis, recently sparked speculation when she stepped out with a ring on her wedding finger.

The star revealed that it was a sentimental item given to her by her late father Rosal, who died in August.
She said: “This is a gold diamond ring that my father gave me today, 2 months have passed since he died and I am very upset that I didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye, and as this is a very valuable ring with a great sentimental affection for him. … I wore it when I landed in London from Milan. ”

I feel discriminated against says Jessica Alves

Last week, Jessica was captured in an ambulance, after which she was rushed to a hospital in Milan after having a paralysis of her arm. A couple were arrested after allegedly accused of filming themselves having sex. Check out details!

Speaking to MailOnline while awaiting a doctor’s appointment, Jessica admitted that her arm may have been infected as a result of self-medication with steroid injections.
Jessica said, “My feet and legs are swollen. I injected myself in my arm over the weekend and I had an allergic reaction.

“Every time I eat after a recent surgery, my limbs swell and hurt – steroid injections help. Today I was supposed to fly to London, but now I can’t. ” Who is Jessica Simpson and whats her response to subways tuna scandal? Check out now!

Jessica Alves swelled after nine liters of silicone oil she had poured into her ass trickled down her legs and feet.
She had some of the solution removed during painful surgery, but she suffers from swelling that gets worse when she eats pork.

Jessica is also not feeling well since she had her twelfth nose surgery in recent weeks.
She also had a hole in her chin after filler was applied to the chin implant, which became infected.

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