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How to tell if your cat is part of a Maine Coon

No cat species has a monopoly of love and affection, but there must be a good reason why Maine Coon Cats have gone from near extinction to being the second most valuable cat in America. According to fans of Maine Coons, they say that the popularity of these breeds is due to the intelligence of the breed, large size, luxurious coat, excellent disposition and devotion to people.

How to tell if my cat is kind of Maine Coon

Certain physical traits make it easy to recognize the Maine Coon.

Size and shape

The first and easiest way to determine if a Maine Coon cat is or not is by its size and shape. These are not small cats. This is one of the largest cat breeds. When a Maine Coon cat walks by, it’s hard not to notice.

They are easy to see due to their large size. The average Maine Coon male weighs 15-20 pounds. Females, average weight 8-12 pounds.

These cats are larger than small dogs and are easily identifiable due to their large size, wide chest and rectangular shape.



Another distinctive feature of the Maine Coon cat is its long thick fur. Since these cat breeds were originally from Maine, their long, thick, shaggy coats keep them safe in harsh winters.

Maine Coon fur consists of three layers, two undercoats and a top layer of thick long fur. There is one more thing to keep in mind when testing whether your cat is a Maine Coon cat: In Maine Coon cats, the fur repels water.

Most cats avoid water, but this is one of the cat breeds that loves to bathe, sit in the rain, or swim.


Have you ever looked closely at your cat’s tail? If you are trying to decide if your cat is a Maine Coon, look at its tail. Maine Coon cats have very long tails covered with thick long fur. Their bushy tail is wide at the base and tapers towards the end. In harsh winters, they wrap themselves in a fluffy tail to keep warm.


Another physical trait by which you can tell if your cat is a Maine Coon is to look at its mane, which is a large amount of fur on its neck.

This fur is thicker compared to the hair that covers the rest of its body. Because of this, Maine Coons are also called mini-lions.

While most cat breeds have thick fur all over their bodies or a mane on the neck, an unusual thick mane is the breed standard for Maine Coon cats and is very noticeable. How long does it take cats to get used to you? Check out details!

Other physical attributes

With the help of the three points above, you will be able to determine if your cat is a Maine Coon.

However, if you are still in doubt, read about other physical characteristics of the Maine Coon cat that will help you make your decision. These physical features are:


Cat’s eyes

Maine Coon cats usually have large, wide blue eyes that change as the cat grows up.
Maine Coon eyes are slanting and slightly tilted upwards.


See if your cat is growing long hair.
Due to their place of origin, Maine Coons have long, thick fur all over their body, including the ears.

Big paws

After observing the cat’s eyes and ears, take a close look at the cat’s paws. They usually have huge paws with pads to keep out the snow in winter.
Even small Maine Coon kittens will have large paws.

You can quickly determine if your favorite pet is a Maine Coon cat.

If most of the characteristics mentioned above match those of your cat, know that you probably have a Maine Coon.

However, if your cat meets only some of the characteristics, there is a good chance that your cat is not a purebred Maine Coon, but is a mixed breed instead.

Regardless of whether Maine Coon or not, all cats need love and affection from their pets. If your cat is not a Maine Coon cat, your four-legged furry friend will still shower you with the same love as any other cat.

Every Maine Coon has an M on its forehead.

The M on the Maine Coon forehead is the dominant pattern seen on all striped Maine Coon cats. The pronounced markings are not typical for the Maine Coon breed, but there is a Maine Coon of any color, provided that the cat has a striped pattern. 

How to distinguish Maine Coon from home long hair

The Maine Coon has an elongated rectangular body, a straight back, and the hips and shoulders are the same height. Your cat is Angora or partly Persian or domestic long-haired if the body has a standard rectangle or if the body is square.

The Maine Coon belongs to the category of domestic long-haired cats. However, the Maine Coon is different from all other long-haired cat breeds, and the mixed breed is called the domestic long-haired cat. How long does it take a cat to get used to you? Check out details!

A sure sign that your cat is a cross is that they are not as big as purebred raccoons. Maine Coon is a huge cat. They weigh up to 25 pounds not because they are overweight, but because their mass is distributed throughout their body and their tails can reach 16 inches in length.

Maine Coon eyes are against. Normal cat

Purebred Maine Coons have wide-set eyes of large size, slightly oblique in shape. Cat authorities consider gold and green eyes to be desirable, although white Maine Coons will have blue or blue, gold or green.

The eyes of cats of other breeds are oval. The pupils are the same size and narrow to a slit when bright light enters the eyes. The lens is located behind the pupil, but in a healthy state it is not visible, since it is transparent. All i need to know about Maine Coon. Check out details!

Maine Coon size

Maine Coon is the favorite cat breed in this country. The gentle giants are believed to have originated from Maine. The size of the Maine Coon can vary, but your lovable long-haired cat is likely to grow much larger than your average cat.

Male Maine Coons will grow larger than their female counterparts, reaching a massive 15-25 pounds.
These cute giants can grow up to 40 inches in length, although this will depend on your cat’s genetics and diet.
Males can grow from 10 to 16 inches in height, while females are slightly smaller – 8 to 14 inches.

Please note that these numbers can vary significantly and depend on your cat’s genetics and specific nutritional plan.

The largest Maine Coon in history

Stewie, a Maine Coon cat, entered the 2010 Guinness Book of Records by winning the title of the longest cat in his breed. He measured an incredible 48.5 inches, measured from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. His tail was a gigantic 16 inches from the records. Stewie weighed 33 pounds!

According to Stewie’s owners, he had no special diet and no unusual breeding methods affected his size. He literally never stopped growing.

How to tell if your kitten is Maine Coon

The popularity of Maine Coon cats has increased in recent years. But along with most things that become valuable and popular, you need to watch out for the effects of popularity and demand, like backyard breeders. They may try to trick you by claiming to sell purebred Maine Coon kittens when they are far from purebred.

Looking at kittens, you can look for things that will help you make sure that this is a real Maine Coon kitten. You have to remember that these cats once went wild in Maine, like wild cats or kittens, so some of the character traits were left behind, which was the key to their popularity.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to be 100% sure that a kitten or cat is a Maine Coon, unless both parents are certified Maine Coon cats.

Listed below are the traits and features of the kittens available to look out for in order to give you the chance to get a real deal. How much are Calico Cats sold? Check out now!

Fur thickness

One way to tell for sure whether the kitten you are looking at is a Maine Coon is by the length and thickness of its coat. It should be somewhat thick and medium to long. They also have visible tufts on their feet with undercoat for warmth.,

Body size

At this stage, the Maine Coon kitten will be quite large compared to most other kittens. The body itself should be very rectangular in shape and have a pronounced ruff on the entire neck and large paws. It takes a kitten about four years to reach full body size.

Eye shape

They will have large, alert eyes that are slightly rounded at the edges. Do you really know how sophisticated the Siamese Cats look? Check it out here and see why.



The ears should be covered with thick fur ending in a tuft at the tip. They resemble the ears of a wild cat, such as a lynx or lynx, which has ears that will keep them warm during the harsh winter.


When you consider all of the above and find a kitten with a great temperament, you know you’ve got the real deal. Almost all Maine Coon kittens are really playful and friendly, and most importantly, they want to be loved by their owners, and they love to cuddle to keep warm. The size and appearance of a kitten will help you decide, but the most important characteristic will be how happy and sociable they are.


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