Hillary Clinton ‘stomach ache’ over possible Trump’s second term

Hillary Clinton claimed Trump’s “ life with the specter of illegitimacy ” in 2016 elections

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said in a podcast released on Monday that the thought of President Trump’s re-election was “literally sick of her.”

“I can’t get carried away with the thought of winning him, so let’s just start with that,” Hillary Clinton told journalist Kara Swisher when she was a guest on her podcast. “Well, because I am literally sick of the thought that we will have four more years of this abuse and destruction of our institutions, damage to our norms and our values ​​and weakening of our leadership, and the list goes on.”

Swisher, whose podcast is part of the New York Times Opinion network, asked if Hillary Clinton felt any “fear” that Trump would legitimately pursue her if she won.

“There is no doubt that he will do his best to attack and punish anyone he believes is the enemy,” Hillary Clinton said. “And, unfortunately, he will be assisted and encouraged by both elected and appointed officials.”

“So, of course, one of the most important accomplishments that I hope we will see in this election is the establishment of the Democratic Senate, where this will be the test that we will need from further abuse of power,” she continued.

Hillary Clinton said Trump “lives with this specter of illegitimacy” in the 2016 elections, which she lost.
“I don’t think he has boundaries at all, Kara,” she said. “I don’t think he has a conscience. He is clearly not a moral and truthful person.

Therefore, he will do everything in his power to be exalted. And remember, as I said, he lives with this ghost of illegitimacy. He knows more about how he was really elected than we do until now. Hopefully we learn more in the coming years. ”

Hillary Clinton has consistently criticized the president since he took office. Earlier in October, she said Trump was “not primarily devoted to the United States of America.”

Trump didn’t forget about her either, calling her by her name at Wednesday’s rally.
“Someone said, ‘Sir, maybe this is not good.

President Obama is campaigning for Sleepy Joe Biden. ” I said, “Is this good news or bad news? Tell me, are you saying this is good or bad? ” “Well, I think that’s bad.” No, that’s good, ”Trump said at the rally. “There is no one who has campaigned for the Hillary Clinton curve stronger than Obama. He was everywhere. “

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