Dogs Bite Statistics

For 8 years, the number of dogs in the world has almost doubled! Most of them are wild. How does this affect dogs bite statistics?

Now there are about 900 million dogs on our planet. However, in 2012, there were only about 525 million dogs.

Dogs Bite Statistics

Find out which dogs are the most aggressive and how dogs are most often attacked.

Facts About Dogs Bite Statistics

900 million dogs in the world
50% of children will be bitten by a dog during childhood
4.7 million dog bites in the US annually
Males are more likely to get bites than females
60,000 people worldwide die from rabies caused by dog ​​bites
American Pit Bull Terrier named the most dangerous dog in the world

Dog populations

Between 75% and 85% of these dogs are free-range, which means they are stray or feral and have no owners or homes. China and the United States have the highest dog populations at around 110 million and 89 million, respectively. Most of the dogs involved in the attack are family dogs, but some are wild or stray.

Highest dog population

These numbers include pets and stray animals:

China – 110 million
USA – 89 million
India – 32 million
Russia – 12 million

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Global dog bite statistics

It is difficult to track dog bite victims and dog attack statistics, according to the World Health Organization. On the other hand, it is easier to register hospitalizations and deaths from dog bites (animal bites). According to their rough estimates, tens of millions of bites occur every year. Many dog ​​bites and bites occur in low- and middle-income countries. At the same time, travelers are often bitten when visiting these countries.

Deaths from dog bites

In a 2018 study in China, thousands of dog bite victims die each year from rabies caused by dog ​​bites. Worldwide W.H.O. states that about 60,000 people die each year from rabies as a result of dog bites. However, in countries like the United States, where vaccines are widely available, the number of deaths from dog bites due to rabies is much lower. In 2019, there were only 48 fatal dog attacks in the United States. There are only 1 to 3 rabies deaths reported in the US, but they are caused by bats, not dogs (CDC, Center for Disease Control). 
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Vulnerable groups in the US and UK.

Children and dog attacks

Some notable dog bite trends in the United States suggest that children are more likely to be bitten than adults. A 2013 study estimated that every American child has a 50% chance of being bitten by a dog. Younger children are usually bitten by the family dog ​​or neighbor’s dog. Teenagers are more likely to be bitten by unknown dogs. In addition, dogs bite more boys than girls.

These statistics are repeated in studies in other countries. For example, according to a study in the United Kingdom, dogs have bitten nearly half of all babies at one point, and males are more likely to be bitten than females. Children are also more likely to be seriously injured, as many of the reported dog bite injuries are in the face and neck.

Adult dog bites

While the other half of dog bites occur in adults, the elderly are the second largest age group with the highest number of dog bites. Adult males are 81% more likely to be bitten by dogs than females.
Caucasian woman’s leg with a dog bite wound in the calf


Personality can also play a role in who the dogs bite. According to a study from the United Kingdom, people who are anxious, nervous or scared are 22% more likely to be bitten by dogs. The body language of these people plays an important role in the attack of dogs. Nervous behavior can make dogs feel insecure and defensive, causing them to attack.

Dog bite statistics by profession

In the United States, dog bite statistics show that postal workers are most commonly bites. In 2019, the US Postal Service reported that 5,803 employees were attacked by dogs. Many dogs are territorial and protect their homes and their owners.

Landscape designers,
meter readers,
and food delivery services

have a high number of bites.

Dog bite statistics in the United States by state

The United States has the most readily available data when it comes to dog bites and attacks. Of the approximately 89.7 million dogs in the United States, 4.7 million dog bites are reported.

In addition, only about 800,000 of these bites are serious enough to warrant medical attention. In addition, in 2019, only 17,802 bites were registered for insured events.

2019 U.S. State Dog Bite Insurance Claims

According to these government insurance claims, dog bite rates are the highest in the most populous states. In some conditions, people are bitten more often than in others:

California – 2,396 Applications
Florida – 1,268 applications
Texas – 937 applications
New York – 893 entries
Illinois – 854 entries

Dog bite statistics by breed?

Here are some statistics on swamp bites by breed. Of the 4.7 million dog bites, only one in five bites is severe enough to warrant medical attention.

Aggressiveness doesn’t always mean danger. Chihuahuas and dachshuas, the two smallest breeds in the world, tend to be the most aggressive dog breeds (10 most aggressive dog breeds: temperament ratings and information). However, their bite is usually not strong enough to do real damage and probably won’t require medical attention.

Conversely, Great Danes are considered docile and gentle. However, when bitten, they can cause serious damage due to their size and power. The frequency of their bites and attacks is low, but the damage can be severe. So which dog is the # 1 most dangerous?

Dog Bite Statistics: Aggressiveness by Breed

Here is a list of dog bite statistics by breed. Greyhounds are one of the least aggressive dog breeds when considering all types of aggression. Dachshunds are the most aggressive dog breed. They are especially aggressive towards strangers. However, their small size makes them less dangerous than larger dogs.

Dog Bite Statistics from a 2008 University of Pennsylvania Study: Breed Differences in Dog Aggression. Written by Deborah L. Duffya, Yuin Hsub, James A. Serpella. 2008 r.

It doesn’t matter how smart your dog is. You can find aggression at any level of intelligence. Make sure you feed your dog. For example, dachshunds may require special dietary attention.

Dangerous Dog Breeds USA

We generally classify the dogs with the highest frequency of bites and the most severe bites as the most dangerous dogs. In the United States, larger crosses and American Pit Bull Terriers are aggressive, and their bites are more common because they are much stronger and more damaging.

Between 2005 and 2017, 284 dogs died from pit bulls alone, giving the breed a very dangerous label. In 2019, 33 out of 48 dogs died due to pit bulls.

Top dangerous dog breeds in the USA

These are the most dangerous breeds in terms of deaths from dog attacks. Here are the dogs that bite the most:

German Shepherd
Mixed breed
American bulldog 

Dangerous dog breeds of Great Britain

In the United Kingdom, the Jack Russell Terrier is considered the most dangerous dog, even though it is a small breed. This is likely due to the fact that a few years ago, the Pit Bull Terrier was banned in the UK, and this ban slowed down the import of the breed. Like the American ones, German Shepherds and Rottweilers are also on the United Kingdom’s list. (5 most dangerous dog breeds in the UK)

The most dangerous breeds in India

In India, these massive dogs are most dangerous because of their size:

Himalayan Mastiff
Indian mastiff
Sindh Mastiff

Dog bite force chart

Dog bite force (BF) in M2 (firm points of the second molar) and canine (hollow points) versus body weight (BW) for 20 dogs of different sizes in the study.

Observed bite strength of the canine and teeth M2. Values ​​represent the average of up to four observed bites. The bite force matches the dog’s weight exactly. For example, if the pit bull’s bite force can be lower or higher. Check the dog’s weight on the chart and you will get a rough estimate.

Estimated breed Weight
(kg / lbs)
Gender Age Canine bite force
(N / lbs)
M2 bite force
(N / lbs)
Labrador-Shepherd cross 40 / 88 M 8 859 / 193 3417 / 768
Shepherd-Husky cross 33,5 / 74 M 6 926 / 208 3145 / 707
Shepherd cross 32,5 / 72 M 8 423 / 95 2900 / 652
Shepherd 25 / 55 F 4 720 / 162 2576 / 579
Shepherd 30,5 / 67 F 4 756 / 170 2527 / 568
Setter cross 26 / 57 M 1,5 748 / 168 2371 / 533
Shepherd cross 23,5 / 52 M 1,5 580 / 130 2202 / 495
Husky cross 21,5 / 47 M 2 722 / 162 2174 / 489
Shepherd-Collie cross 18,5 / 41 F 2 433 / 97 2035 / 457
Pit Bull-Shepherd cross 24 / 53 F 1,5 896 / 201 1991 / 448
Terrier-Collie cross 15,5 / 34 F 2 509 / 114 1890 / 425
Collie-Hound cross 18,5 / 41 F 4,5 654 / 147 1774 / 399
Labrador-Shepherd cross 21,5 / 47 M 1 508 / 114 1675 / 377
Shar Pe cross 19 / 42 M 3 192 / 43 1353 / 304
Australian Shepherd-Blue Heeler cross 15 / 33 F 1 354 / 80 1310 / 294
Walker Hound 15 / 33 0,8 453 / 102 1299 / 292
Jack Russell cross 7 / 15 M 3 360 / 81 1025 / 230
Dachshund 5 / 11 M 3 281 / 63 834 / 187
Black Labrador 30 / 66 M 2 147 / 33 732 / 165
Spaniel cross 11,5 / 25 M 14 162 / 36 574 / 129

Prohibited dog breeds

The prohibition of dangerous dogs is very common in many countries. In some countries, for example in Ukraine, there are up to 80 dog breeds on the prohibited lists. In the US, dogs are not banned nationwide, but many states have restrictions and bans on certain breeds. Unsurprisingly, the Pit Bull Terrier is at the top of most lists. Which dog is best for you and your home? Find out now.

The most forbidden dog breeds

According to world data, these are the most forbidden breeds:

American Pit Bull Terrier
American staffordshire terrier
German Shepherd

Be safe

Dogs bite for several reasons. They can usually be afraid, defensive, or even offended. Since many children are bitten by dogs, it is important to teach dogs to be gentle and also to teach children to respect the dog’s space. In addition, children should always be supervised when they are around dogs and should never approach an unfamiliar dog, especially if it growls or if the owner of the dog forbids approaching. Know what to do when your dog bites someone.
Nasty Dog Bite Attack on a Nine year old leg

It’s okay to be wary of dangerous dog breeds, but many dog ​​problems stem from poor training and a poor environment in which dogs feel threatened or protected. Respect the dogs and listen to their signals.

Dog bite statistics: know your odds

The population of the United States is approximately 328.2 million. About 4.7 million people bite dogs each year, which means that if you are in the United States, you have a 1 in 70 chance of being bitten by a dog. However, the chance of being killed by a dog attack is only 1 in 112 400. However, this means that you are more likely to die from heart disease (1 in 6), from suffocation (1 in 2618) or as a result of a natural disaster (1 in 54 699).

10 best tips to prevent dog bites

Reduce your risk with these tips:

Avoid if the owner is not around or the owner of the dog tells you not to approach
Stay away if your dog appears scared, anxious, or injured.
Give your dogs space and respect
Stay away if your dog is sleeping, eating, or playing with a toy.
Stay away if the dog growls
Stay calm and avoid anxious behavior
Observe children when they are around dogs
If you are traveling to a low-income country, beware of stray dogs.
Don’t go over the fence to pet your dog
Leave the service dogs to do their job

Like humans, dogs are anxious when injured. Their anxiety can lead to a seizure. The injury should not be visible. For example, when a paw is injured. In some cases, you can give an anxious or stressed dog trazodone.

For pet owners

These are the best tips for keeping your dog and those around him safe:

Socialize your dog
Train for obedience
Keep your dog on a leash
Give your dog the right exercise
Sterilize or neuter your pet

Overall dog bite statistics show you are safer

In a developed country, dog bites are rare. Here’s what you need to remember about dog bites and attacks:

Deaths from rabies are common in areas without vaccines.
Children may be bitten more often than adults
Females are less likely to be bitten than males.
Dogs attacked 5,803 U.S. postal workers in 2019
Anxious and nervous people are more likely to be bitten.
California reports highest number of dog bite claims in 2019
Pit bulls were responsible for 33 out of 48 U.S. dog attacks in 2019
Most countries and states have banned pit bulls
Americans have a very low chance of being fatally attacked by a dog (1 in 112,400).
Dog bites can be prevented

Cute Beagle and his owner in torn pants and bitten feet.

As the world’s dog population grows, so will the number of dog bites and attacks. Although dog bites are fairly common, there are ways to prevent them and protect yourself. Even if attacked by a dog, it is highly unlikely that the attack will be fatal.


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