Congresswoman-elect Hinson says she won the House seat by being an “everyday Iowa” with a minivan and a mortgage.

Hinson Says Upcoming Congress Will Focus On Economic Prosperity



In this election, Republican women made great strides in Congress, adding 13 women to the ranks of the House of Representatives.

This includes Congresswoman-elect Ashley Hinson of Iowa, who told Fox & Friends Weekend that she believed her victory and defeat for incumbent Republican Abby Finkenauer was that she was the average Iowa resident who followed in the footsteps of her “mom van” campaign. ”

Hinson said she listened to people in her area who were tired of “leftist rhetoric,” including Medicare-for-All, Green New Deal and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who were “holding back” the fight. with the coronavirus pandemic.

The elected congresswoman predicts that the next Congress will focus on economic prosperity, and she plans to hone tax reform and infrastructure.

“It’s all about economic opportunity and prosperity, and how we will continue to push this forward, no matter what our landscape looks like,” she said. “That’s why I ran in the first place – to give families in Iowa a chance for a good life. I think this is what we all want. ”

The gains made by female Republicans in the House of Representatives, as well as veterans and minorities, are a clear indicator of the “future of the Republican Party,” Hinson concluded.

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