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5 Tips To Planning A Great Family Vacation: A household trip can embody all kinds of age teams from toddlers to youngsters to grandparents. Touring with a number of generations can create many treasured household recollections, but it surely will also be a problem to plan a fantastic journey that everybody will get pleasure from. Listed below are 5 suggestions for planning a unbelievable household trip.

5 Tips To Planning A Great Family Vacation
5 Tips To Planning A Great Family Vacation

Skip the Lodge

As an alternative of reserving a lodge, select a enjoyable trip rental that provides facilities. Grandparents, dad and mom, teenagers, and toddlers all have totally different wake instances, bedtimes, and consuming instances. A giant house with a number of bedrooms, bogs, and leisure areas will enable for more room and for everybody to go about their extra typical routines.

Vacation home amenities can embody swimming pools, scorching tubs, balconies or porches, or spacious yards to play in. The extra there’s to do, the extra choices everybody can have at their house away from house.

Make Your Personal Itinerary

After all, everybody has totally different pursuits and hobbies they wish to discover throughout trip, however not each exercise is bound to be a crowd pleaser. When you’ve got a number of smaller household items staying underneath one roof, then enable every unit to make their very own itinerary in the course of the day.

A toddler will nonetheless want a daytime nap and an earlier bedtime, so all-day excursions will not be one of the best thought for them. Grandparents might want extra leisurely actions and so they can benefit from senior discounts. Let everybody resolve how they wish to spend their trip; it should make everybody happier.

Select Household Actions Properly

No household trip can be full with out at the least one all-family exercise. Select these fastidiously. Think about a theme park with quite a lot of sights; go to an interactive museum; take a haunted tour by means of an outdated metropolis. Take into consideration the entire household’s exercise stage and select one to reinforce the enjoyment of the journey, not add to the stress of planning it.

5 Tips To Planning A Great Family Vacation

5 Tips To Planning A Great Family Vacation

Reserve Dinner

It doesn’t matter what everybody within the household needs to do all through the day, make meal time a sacred household occasion. This fashion if everyone seems to be off doing their very own issues all through the day, the household will at all times collect across the desk to speak, share tales, and snigger collectively.

Dinner might be on the house rental, a particular restaurant, or a quick meals joint. So long as you might be all collectively, then the recollections will probably be particularly significant. Here, you can also read about the 7 countries you can go right now.

Make Display Time Significant

We do dwell in a world of know-how, and display time takes up quite a lot of our time. Throughout a household trip, attempt to restrict the period of time the youthful generations spend on telephones, utilizing the Web, or watching tv. As an alternative, select an evening or two for a household film evening.

You could possibly arrange a screening room outdoors utilizing a sheet and a projector or collect within the sitting room. Sharing a favourite film or tv present could be a bonding expertise. You could even see one thing you’ve by no means heard of.

Large household holidays could be a daunting process to plan. Permit everybody the liberty to do what they like, however go away loads of room for household time, and your trip is bound to be a fantastic success.

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Leaving your environment for other places could scary but here are the 13 Reasons Why Granada is the best Place to live if you are considering relocation or visiting into Spain.

Eight years have passed since we moved to Spain – first a year was in Madrid, then only a couple of months in Seville and finally in Granada. We also explored much of Spain, from northwestern Galicia to the eastern edge of the Costa Brava, the southern coast of Cadiz to the remote Balearic and Canary Islands. But where, in my opinion, is the best place to live in Spain?

For some reason, we still live in Granada, although we have visited many places that we like more than here. Perhaps this is because of the nature surrounding Granada, maybe because of the high quality of life or the slowness and ease of people here. Be that as it may, there must be something in Granada that has taken us so long.

Could Granada be the best place to live in Spain?

13 Reasons Why Granada is the best Place to live
13 things to consider Since Granada the best place to live in Spain?

I have asked myself this question many times. We have lived in many places around the world, from London to Singapore, Miami and Tanzania; but of all of them, Granada is still the best place for us.

Granada is a comfortable and cheap place to live, a place filled with nature and history, and a place that we can truly call our home. Of course, he is not perfect, as elsewhere.
Here I share what we like and dislike about life in Granada – it’s up to you.

What we like about Granada

Granada has both mountains and beaches

First, the city of Granada may be small, but the province of Granada has it all in terms of mountains, valleys and the sea. Outdoor enthusiasts like us love how diverse the surrounding landscapes are, so you can go skiing in the mountains and diving in the sea in one day. In just an hour, you can easily reach the Mediterranean from the Sierra Nevada ski station.

Skiing in the Sierra Nevada is cheaper than in other parts of Europe – day passes cost only 35 euros, and there is also an unusually long season from late November to early May. Best of all, it’s a 45 minute drive from Granada, which means we can easily go for a day of skiing and return home without spending money on expensive ski lodges.

As far as the coast is concerned, the pebbly beaches near Granada are usually packed in the summer, but they are pleasant to visit all year round due to the subtropical climate of the Costa Tropical (hence the name). They are not as beautiful as, for example, the beaches of Mallorca, but still great for summer holidays.

Nature around Granada

I’ll be the first to admit that there isn’t much to do in the city of Granada itself – it’s a small town with a beautiful, charming old town, but it’s also more of a place to wander, get lost and soak up its atmosphere. … But because of its location at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, it is literally surrounded by nature.

There are so many outdoor activities to do just a few steps from the city, from simple walks through the waterfalls in Los Cajorros, to canyoning in the Rio Verde system, climbing the highest mountain in mainland Spain and exploring the sandstone caves in Guadix. … For example, my favorite hiking trail is the easy 8 km walk next to Trevenke Mountain, just 20 minutes from where we live.

Life lives outside

Even though Granada has all four seasons, you can count on the sun to always be there, even when it’s zero degrees Celsius outside. It is always sunny in Granada, so you can sit in the sun and have a snack regardless of the season. Summer can be ridiculously hot (temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius) when most people take a full month’s vacation to spend all their time on the beach, just 40 minutes from town.

We try to spend more time outdoors than at work. I set my working hours and Alberto is done by 5pm every day, so we usually have quite a lot of time to hang out with Kaley, go to the park, or meet friends in the evenings. Especially in summer, the sun doesn’t set until 10pm, so it seems like we have extra hours a day to have fun.

A strong sense of family

One of the reasons why we stayed in Granada for so long is because the whole Alberto family is here. Granadinos in general are very family oriented and family is the most important thing for them.

I found out about this during my first trip to Granada almost 13 years ago – Alberto and I had a long distance relationship then, and we did not see each other for several months, but all the time we spent in Granada we spent meeting with his grandmother, aunts , cousins ​​and everyone else in the family.

At first I felt overwhelmed and confused, but over time I realized that family is an important part of his life and the life of everyone. Now I really enjoy having a family, especially considering that we have a two year old daughter, and it is great for her to have a strong bond with her grandparents.

13 Reasons Why Granada is the best Place to live
13 Reasons Why Granada is the best Place to live

Carefree, relaxed vibration

Granada has a small-town vibe with a bohemian hippie vibe that is loved by many travelers (including us). It’s very cool and casual; No one is in a hurry, and everyone is just enjoying life. Siesta is common here, in contrast to major Spanish cities such as Barcelona or Madrid.

Most people have two hour lunch breaks, although they finish work later. Many people actually work from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm (with a late lunch), which means they have the rest of the day free. The pace of life here is slow and comfortable, which is in stark contrast to life in Singapore where I grew up – and I really enjoy this stress-free life for our daughter.

Cheap prices and affordable housing

Granada is very cheap to live in compared to other parts of Europe and even Spain. To be honest, I have not found any other city in Spain cheaper than Granada. Airbnb or a hotel in Granada costs between 30 and 50 euros per room per night. Renting an apartment in Granada for a long term usually costs between 300 and 600 euros per month in the city center.

In terms of food, you can get some of the best traditional Spanish food in Granada at low prices. In fact, Spanish tapas in Granada are usually free! Almost every restaurant and tapas bar serves a free plate of food, such as patatas bravas or carne con salsa, with a drink (beer and wine only cost between 2 and 3 euros).

Excellent quality of life

We prefer to spend more time with our family than at work, and most people are here too. The low cost of living here allows us to enjoy a high quality of life without working too much. We lived in big cities like London and Singapore, where our incomes were much higher, but long hours of work and poor social security made us unhappy.

It focuses on social life, family time and hobbies rather than work. Most residents of Granada (including Alberto) have 22 to 30 days of vacation a year, which is why we can travel so much with Kaleya. You will find that many Granadinos have apartments / holiday homes by the sea (even if it’s so close!), So this is where they usually spend their summer.

Safety and comfort

Compared to big cities, Granada is a very safe place to live. I have never heard of any serious crimes in the city. Granadinos are afraid of gypsies, but they seem pretty decent to me. Going outside at night is not a problem at all – in fact, Granada has a vibrant nightlife thanks to its large student population. In general, we feel very comfortable in Granada, without worrying about finances or security.

What we don’t like about Granada

But, as elsewhere, Granada is not perfect. In fact, living in Granada is not exactly the same as traveling here. Find out more about what it really is like to live in Spain.

Things can move too slow here

Although I love the slow pace of life in Granada, it can be frustrating at times. It is true that the Spaniards adhere to “manana mañana,” which means that everything can wait until tomorrow. Take, for example, the metro: it has been under construction for over 10 years, but it is not yet completed!

We also live right across the street from a shopping center, which took the same amount of time to build. Before it opened last year, we had to deal with this big ugly construction site, from which every day it carried dust into our house.

The infamous red ribbon

The Spanish bureaucracy is notorious, so if you are applying for a residence permit in Spain or buying a house, be prepared for the crazy amount of paperwork and ridiculous obstacles that make any formal procedure a pain in the ass. Funcionarios (government employees) seem to take advantage of this by working at the speed of a sloth and acting as if they own you.

Wait in line for hours if you are applying for a NIE (Proof of Identity for Foreigners) or anything related to the government. Accept the fact that no matter how many documents and photocopies you take with you, one will always be missing. Be patient and flexible – this is the only way to deal with it!

Limited public Wi-Fi

The internet speed in Granada is pretty good, with a maximum download speed of 100 Mbps. Fiber optic broadband has also become widely available in Granada at speeds up to 300 Mbps. However, surprisingly, Wi-Fi is not readily available in public areas, restaurants or cafes.

Many of these establishments do not seem to understand the importance of having Wi-Fi to their customers. Compared to Southeast Asia or the rest of Europe, Granada really lags behind in terms of internet accessibility.

No cafe culture

As a blogger and writer, I usually work from home, but this can quickly get boring. I like to work outside, in cozy coffee shops, where it is quiet.

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There’s no doubt you are on the quest to know more about Madrid Spain 16 most rated tourist attractions which we have carefully put together here for you. There’s more to know about Madrid Spain which if not told, you wouldn’t know of such information. Take your time out and visit Madrid Spain today and as a tourist the environment and citizens are very welcoming indeed.

Madrid Spain 16 most rated Tourist Attractions


Madrid Spain has the real taste of the real Spain in terms of its rich cultural attractions and the modern metropolis. Spain has the world class Prado Museum which has an endless array of masterpieces. These masterpieces were created during the Golden Age of Spain in the 18th century.

There are of course many wide ranges of avenues which are congested with traffic but the good thing there is the break up of the urban sprawl with very good and beautiful gardens.

Madrid is known for its best European art which has always been rich in repositories. Madrid, Spain’s central capital today is as well known as a city enriched with elegant boulevards, and expansive, manicured parks such as the Buen Retiro.

It’s renowned for its rich repositories of European art, including the Prado Museum’s works by Goya, Velázquez and other Spanish masters. The historic weaponry is seen in the heart of old Hapsburg Madrid as the portico-lined Plaza Mayor, and nearby is the baroque Royal Palace and Armory.

Madrid Spain offers very good atmosphere which is heating up with activity especially in the evening so just be prepared to groove with fun all round. In Madrid Spain, Spring or fall is the best times to visit Spain as you will cherish the evening stroll ritual around the paseo por la noche and the Madrilenos.

1 Prado Museum

Madrid Spain
Prado Museum, Madrid Spain

Prado Museum has collection of more than 5000 paintings which makes it a world class museum more to Louvre collection in Paris. Prado Museum being one of Madrid Spain most rated Tourist Attractions it stands out as the best choice for tourists from around the world with its Spanish paintings from the 12th century to the early 19th century.

Madrid Spain most rated tourist attractions has the most beautiful paintings by Francisco de Goya. This museum on display has about 2,300 pieces of the collection in over 100 rooms on the three floors. I bet you it can never be seen all in one visit.

The Francisco de Goya remarkable 140 works covers Italian, Flemish, British, and German Paintings. Once you are in Madrid Spain, try to focus on a specific itinerary of masterpieces.

Madrid Spain
Prado Museum, Madrid Spain

Prado routes showcase the most renowned pieces in the collection of which you already know that the famous painting of the Prado, Las Meninas is inclusive.

The Best Finders team saw the magnificent painting of the Royal family of Felipe IV which was created by Velazquez in 1656. Visitors can just opt to use the museum’s audio guide just for a small fee.

This includes the 50 top tour masterpieces like the The Third of May by Goya, Christ Washing the Disciples Feet by Tintoretto, Jacobs Dream by Jose de Ribera, The Descent from the Cross by Rogier van der Weyden, The Annunciation by Fra Angelico, The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch, and The Immaculate Conception by Poussin.

The Best Finders has got most information out for you for the Prado suggesting you join a Skip the Line: Prado Museum Tour in Madrid. This will help you to avoid the lines and going to the most important works of art. There is a very pleasant out door terrace which as a tourist you really need to see. What about the museums gift shop and the café?

You need to also set your eyes on the Church of San Jeronimo el Real which is just behind the museum. The church on display shows collections very catchy the 17th century Spanish paintings.


2 Buen Retiro Park and the Crystal Palace

Madrid Spain
View of Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain

Have you heard of the name before? It’s the Buen Retiro Park. This is found just behind the busy streets as an oasis of Peace. It’s serene environment is second to none. Madrid has a whole lot of good and interesting places to be. This Buen Retiro Park is also called Parque del Retiro. The land size of this park alone is 120 hectares and it was established for the Count-Duke of Olivares in the 17th century.

The most captivating part of this Park is the elegant ambience of its design which portrays a lovely landscaping and well aligned tree paths. There are a whole lot to behold in Madrid Spain like The Palacio de Cristal which means Crystal Palace in English. This has a wonderful fountain with a reflecting pool. Again, the interesting thing there is that it sometimes do art exhibitions.

Madrid Spain
Buen Retiro Park and the Crystal Palace

Its not just all, Madrid Spain has an enchanting Rosaleda which means Rose Garden in English. Do you also know that the famous and formal French Jardin de Don Cecilio?

If you are a fascinating person with fountains then get ready to behold a whole lot of them like the fountains of of Los Galapagos which also is called The Turtles.

What about the fountains of El Angel Caido the Fallen angel in meaning together with La Alcachofa meaning the The Artichoke. Its carefully developed in an environment that is not just far from the busy streets but also far from the hustle and bustle of the city.


3 Royal Palace and Gardens

Madrid Spain
Royal Palace and Gardens

This is a Royal court that is designed to standard. This palace is built completely with granite and white Colmenares stone but apart from this, it has a beautiful view of steep slope across the lush gardens. Do you know that this Neoclassical façade also has in itself some Ionic columns together with Doric pilasters?

Madrid spain has a whole lot to offer you as a tourist and the most captivating of this all is the imposing staircase at the entrance of the hallway. Meanwhile, it is important to know that in the 18th century this palace was commissioned by Philip V. This edifice also features statues of Spanish kings. There are a whole to behold in Madrid Spain.

Is it the fresco of The Triumph of Religion and the Church which leads you to main floor? What about the famous King Charles III apartments that is very beautiful among many other rooms.

Madrid Spain
Royal Palace and Gardens

Madrid Spain Royal Palace and Gardens has many beautiful sights to behold and very excellent rooms to encounter but above all, those who love history may want to visit the Royal Armory within the Palace.

This Royal Armory has in it about 3000 exhibits from the 16th century and just behind the palace is a good place to stroll quietly which is in the Sabatini Gardens with its well designed formal beds and hedges being laid out in the geometric Neoclassical style.

It also has a must-see beautiful fountains, statues and well built pool. The Royal Palace and Gardens could be seen and located in Calle Bailén, Madrid Spain.


4 Plaza Mayor

Madrid Spain
Plaza Mayor

This very place called the Plaza Mayor in Madrid Spain is very significant as it was used as a scene of ceremonial events like the proclamation of a new king and the canonization of saints. After fire got it burnt in the 1790, it then took the present shape having the corners enclosed with the nine entrance arches constructed which is linked to many places like the Calle de Toledo, Calle Mayor, Calle Postas, etc.

This very Plaza Mayor was built during the reign of Philip III in the 17th Century. It was then known as a center of commerce, and municipal life but not limited to that alone as it was also serving as a square and venue for bullfights, dramatic performances and knightly tournaments.

Madrid Spain
Plaza Mayor

As a tourist searching for the  best places in Madrid Spain, the Plaza Mayor still continues to be very important as people gather there to enjoy the atmospheric restaurants.

In it has the expansive cobblestone square for the pedestrian pathway but that’s not all, it also has some shaded arcades and so strolling within this environment or sitting in its café is one of the most popular things to do in Madrid Spain at night. Just give it a try today.



5 Puerta del Sol: The Heart of the City

Madrid Spain
Puerta del Sol, Madrid Spain

There is something significant about here, its called popularly the Kilometer Zero because its from the point where all the distances on the Spanish National Road network are measured. This is why its known as the heart of the city Madrid Spain.

The Best Finders also discovered that the Puerta del Sol was named after the sun emblem on the city gate which formerly there. Do you know that Puerta del Sol was known as the hub of public transportation because it has several bus stops and Metro distances.


Madrid Spain
Puerta del Sol, Madrid Spain

The Puerta del Sol presently is a place of relaxation, and hang out with so much activities around it to make you enjoy life. This edifice has around it some lined up shops, cafes and many more.

This square from the research of the best finders is still one of the liveliest places you can be in Madrid Spain.

With a whole lot of events which had taken place in Madrid Spain, The Puerta del Sol on 2nd of May, 1808 resisted to bow down to Napoleon which added to Madrid’s many histories today alongside the 1931 Second Republic which was proclaimed there. you really need to have a look at it. Just nearby is the La Violeta Fashion confection shop which offers Madrid Spain some special kind of candies.

Do you know that Puerta del Sol is just off the Madrid Spain largest departmental store; El Corte Inglés. This is a place where you can buy almost everything in terms of shoes, clothes, swimsuits and the traditional Spanish fans.


6 Centro de Arte de Reina Sofía: Contemporary Art Museum

Madrid Spain
Centro de Arte de Reina Sofía

The Best Finders discovered another spot of events in Madrid Spain. It’s the Centro de Arte de Reina Sofía. This place is very unique as it has many eyes catching spots like the charming garden in the inner courtyard that is filled with so many imaginative sculptures but that’s not all.

It has some collections of Spanish art contemporary representation which has in itself some works done by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Juan Miró. The Centro de Arte de Reina Sofía was opened in 1986 by Queen Sofia and its Madrid Spain’s avant-garde center for contemporary ark.

This place has a fascinating scene of art works being displayed in various rooms and in an exhibition space of about 39,000 square meters. This wonderful museum has in it a cool restaurant where our tourists in Madrid Spain can hang out. Also there’s a cafeteria and bookshop where researches could be carried out.

This modern edifice was created by an architect named Antonio Fernández Alba. He designed in a way that it reminds everyone of the great Pompidou Center in Paris because it has the same features with it and not just that, it also has the same three glass towers that house the elevators on the outside of the building in Madrid Spain.

You need to be in the inner courtyard to set your eyes on the most beautiful and charming garden filled with so many imaginative sculptures as a tourist in Madrid Spain. This  Centro de Arte de Reina Sofía is located in #52 Santa Isabel, Madrid Spain.


7 Fuente de Cibeles and Gran Via

Madrid Spain
Spotlights illuminating the 18th Century fountain of Cybele

This place is a must visit for all tourists because it has so much to offer every visitor in Madrid Spain. The best finders discussed that the Palacio de Cibele’s has two restaurants. The “Colección Cibeles caféteria and the Cibeles Palace restaurant”.

Do you also know that in 1782 after the creation of this famous Fuente de Cybele’s and Gran Via Larry Wentel by Francisco Gutiérrez and Roberto Michel, the famous Cybele’s fountain was mounted beautifully in the major traffic intersection which is one of the most emblematic monuments in Madrid Spain.

There you will see the Roman Goddess Cybele riding a lion-drawn chariot. This is not all yet behind just behind the fountain, you will see the Palacio de Cibeles cultural center which is used for workshops, conferences, concerts and art exhibitions.

Again, the famous Teatro de la Zarzuela is just off the Gran Vía on Calle de Jovellanos which offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy some renowned performances of zarzuela  and this comes with a unique kind of satirical opera with the song that come with the classical Spanish guitar music.

Fuente de Cybele’s is just nearby Via Calle de Alcala which is still on Madrid Spain most popular shopping street the Gran Vía. This place is located at the Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid Spain.


8 Temple of Debod: An Ancient Egyptian Temple

Madrid Spain
Debod temple madrid sunset over de spain

Madrid Spain has so many beautiful places to behold like this Temple of Debod which is an Ancient Egyptian Temple. Do you know that this place is well preserved with its original decorations that are found inside the temple. This is a rare type of archeological site.

Do you also know that in Madrid Spain, the Temple of Debod is positioned from the Montaña Park just very close to Plaza de España where all the tourists can have a proper view of the most surprising monuments which is the Temple of Debod – an ancient Egyptian temple? History has it that it was a gift from Egypt in appreciation for Madrid Spain’s help in saving Abu Simbel temples during the building of the Aswan Dam.

The Debod Temple was then brought to Madrid Spain in 1968 and the best finders gathered it that this very temple was built for King Adikhalamani in the 2nd century BC. That didn’t stop there, they also had things like the several shrines, a spacious hall, and a terrace on the upper level. This very beautiful environment is located in Paseo Pintor Rosales, Madrid Spain.


9 Goya Frescoes at Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida

Madrid Spain
Goya Frescoes at Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida

This place is cute and has a whole lot of eye catching paintings and decorations by Francesco Goya. The frescoes among the Goya’s finest works illustrate the theme of the miracles performed by Saint Anthony and it has in it also the scenes of everyday life in Madrid Spain. These paintings were done at the prime of Goya’s career.

This is actually one of the least visited by the tourists but it has major art treasures within it like the stunning frescoes painted by Francesco Goya which fills the Hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida. This also has a little chapel along the banks of the Manzanares River behind the Royal Palace and is designated a national monument.

These monuments led to the stopping of religious services there in order to protect the frescoes. This hosts an annual festival in honour of Saint Anthony of Padua and its interior has become over time the place of pilgrimage for art lovers. In all, these frescoes reveal Goya’s boldness of artistic style and revolutionary painting techniques.

This 16 tourist attraction for art lovers are located at Glorieta San Antonio de la Florida, Madrid Spain.


10 Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza: Fine Arts Museum

Madrid Spain
Museo Thyssen Bornemisza madrid

The Best Finders discovered another inspiring Museum here. This museum Museo Thyssen-Bomemisza has almost 1000 art works on display but that’s not all; it has a collection that covers the Renaissance, Rococo, Impression, the Baroque, Fauvism, Romanticism, Pop Art, Expressionism, and modern art.

Madrid Spain has a deep love for art works, and paintings as this is seen in the this Museum the Thyssen-Bornemisza.The museum also presents an overview of European art from the 13th century to the late 20th century. Among all the excellent collections in the museum, it still has the 19th century American paintings.

The high class collection includes but not limited to these renowned masterpieces such as Venus and Cupid by Rubens, Young Knight by Vittore Carpaccio, Christ and the Samaritan by Duccio di Buoninsegna, Les Vessenots by Vincent van Gogh, Jesus among the Doctors by Albrecht Durer, The Annunciation by El Greco, Charing Cross Bridge by Monet, and Danger in Green by Edward Degas.

This beautiful museum is located at No. 8 Paseo del Prado, Madrid Spain


11 Estadio Santiago Bernabéu: Real Madrid’s Stadium

Madrid Spain
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu: Real Madrid’s Stadium

Often time’s people think that everything about Madrid Spain revolves around collection of art works. It may interest you to know that The Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is one big museum that brings every lover of soccer together. It’s Madrid Spain’s home team which is popularly known as Real Madrid.

The interesting thing about this museum is that the best finders discovered that before you could snap a picture with any of the football players there’s an amount of money you pay and this goes directly into the clubs account.

There, you will see that a tour includes the massive stadium itself with the team artifacts, trophies, interactive screens in the museum on display. The view of the stadium is very strategic and the tour as well allows the tour include access to the Presidential Box together with the locker room. The address of this location is Avenida de Concha Espina 1, 28036 Madrid.


12 Basilica de San Francisco el Grande

Madrid Spain
Basilica de San Francisco el Grande

Here, this Neoclassical facade together with the Dome were added in 1770 after the Church of San Francisco el Grande was built in 1761 for the Franciscan friary. This very church was designed by Fray Francisco Cabezas. Fray Francisco Cabezas modeled the architectural plan on the Church of Santa Maria in Campitelli in Rome.

This church contains a painting of Saint Bonaventure by Zurbarán and this church museum actually displays a variety of religious art and artifacts.One significant thing about this place is the interior which features a circular plan with an awesome dome and six chapel. It may also interest you to know that the chapels has a display paintings by Velázquez, Goya and Maella.

Also, the first chapel on the left are Velázquez’s Saint Bonaventure by Zurbarán, The Appearance of the Virgin to Saint Anthony, and Goya’s San Bernardino. The location of this very Plaza Museum is at de San Francisco el Grande, Madrid Spain.


13 Mueseo Sorolla

You really need to see this place and how adorable the patio is with a gurgling fountain with an Andalisian-style decorative tile work. The museum due to its charming nature was dedicated to the work of Joaquín Sorolla who was the most favoured and famous Impressionist artist.

Madrid Spain has this museum for every tourist sight-seeing in Madrid Spain and the collection in it includes the paintings and drawings of this great artist across a broad representation. This museum is located No. 37 General Martínez Campos, Madrid Spain.


14 National Archaeological Museum

This National Museum has very rich artifacts and was founded in 1867 by the then Queen Isabella II from the prehistoric times to the 19th century. It was known as the National Archeological Museum because it exhibits features of archeological discoveries/finds, decorative arts from antiquity, ancient coins and ethnography.

Do you know that our finding’s show that the most prized possessions of the collections is the bust of the Lady of Elche but that’s not all as the Islamic archeological finds, Hispano-Roman, Mudéjar ceramics, and the Egyptian mummies remained the highlights of the permanent collection im Madrid Spain. This Museum is located at Calle Serrano, 13, Madrid Spain.


15 Lázaro Galdiano Museum

Here is another place to be as a tourist in Madrid Spain the Lázaro Galdiano Museum. Do you know as a tourist, you are sure of seeing the 16th-17th century Spanish paintings. These artworks were done by some of their greatest artists like Velázquez, Zurbarán, Ribera, Pereda, Murillo, El Greco and Goya.

These artworks are an exceptional private collections of financier Lázaro Galdiano which is housed in mansion in Parque Florido. In this museum you can find about 9000 extensive collection of artworks exhibited in 30 rooms.

The masterpieces has among them the Meditaciones de San Juan Bautista by Hieronymus Bosch, San Francisco en éxtasis by El Greco,  El Salvador Adolescente by Giovanni Boltraffio, La Tienda by Luis Paret, El Aquelarre by Goya, and Cabeza de Muchacha by Velázquez, these artworks ranges from armor, coins, and medals to jewelry, Baroque crystal, and tapestries, the collection is extremely diverse. This museum is located at No. 122 Calle de Serrano, Madrid Spain.

16 Puerta de Alcalá

This triumphal arch is a real big grand Neoclassical structure which is about 30 meters high with the granite entrance gate which makes it a classic impression. This was commissioned by King Carlos III in celebration of the arrival of the monarchs to Spain’s capital city. This monument was earlier designed by Francesco Sabatini and later built between the years 1769 to 1778.

As a tourist you need to take a visit to 54 Calle de Alcala which is Madrid Spain’s most beautiful patisserie shop Pasteleria Vait. They are good in making rich and tasty pastries, chocolate candies, cakes, hot chocolate and cookies. The location to this edifice is at Plaza de la Independencia, Madrid Spain.


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7 countries you can go to right now has been listed here below with all that you needed to know on the countries involved to aid you the ability to be well informed regarding the situation of things in those countries as well regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Recent trends in international travel are not encouraging. In many places, long-term quarantine requirements are either tightening or restrictions are being re-imposed due to a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases. Border closures and quarantine rules change frequently. Air traffic appears to have peaked in August, and it is unclear what lies ahead for the aviation industry. The approaching autumn in all directions is causing great uncertainty, and it looks like many of us still have a long journey abroad.

However, there are now quite a few countries open to both tourism and business travel, many of which have no restrictions. Some require either a negative test result immediately before travel or upon arrival, but until visitors test positive, quarantine is not required. With that in mind, here’s an overview of the nine countries most people can travel to right now with minimal hassle, as well as a note on current infection trends.

The responsibility to travel the world right now remains a hotly debated topic, and the risk of getting a positive test result and getting stuck somewhere for at least two weeks remains significant, but if you do decide to travel, these countries won’t stop you becasue our team has researched very well on them which made us to have them here as one of the 7 countries you can go to right now.


7 countries you can go to right now
7 countries you can go to right now

Requirements for admission: no. While the land border between the US and Mexico remains closed, it is still possible to fly to various Mexican cities from anywhere with flights. There are currently no testing or quarantine requirements.

Current COVID-19 trend: not good. The current daily number of cases is slightly below the recent peak, but remains high, as does daily mortality.


7 countries you can go to right now
7 countries you can go to right now

7 countries you can go to right now has these requirements for admission: no. Normal entry requirements to Turkey apply, and visitors are not required to undergo testing or quarantine for COVID-19. However, arriving passengers are likely to be screened for symptoms, and those who appear ill may be screened upon arrival.

Current COVID-19 trend: neither the best nor the worst. Turkey continues to see a relatively high number of cases of the disease daily and the trend is increasing slightly. However, the numbers are well below the April peak.

French Polynesia

7 countries you can go to right now
7 countries you can go to right now

Requirements for admission: confirmation of a negative test. This “overseas community” of France requires confirmation of a negative PCR result no later than three days before arrival. Visitors are then required to conduct a self-test four days after arrival. No quarantine required.

Current trend of COVID-19: Generally very low numbers, but they have been increasing recently. In August, there was a surge in the incidence. The numbers are small, but the surge is noticeable, because there was almost no country in the country before (the islands opened for tourism in mid-July). However, the total number of cases is only 573 and no deaths have been reported to date.


7 countries you can go to right now
7 countries you can go to right now

Requirements for admission: confirmation of a negative test. Starting September 10, the Maldives will require travelers to come with proof of a negative PCR result. Otherwise, no special rules apply – although only certain islands and resorts are open.

Current COVID-19 Trend: Increased Infection Rates. The Maldives has never had a major outbreak, but the number of daily infections in recent days is one of the highest during a pandemic. The country has recorded only 29 deaths.

UAE (Dubai)

7 countries you can go to right now
7 countries you can go to right now

Admission requirements: confirmation of a negative test result and / or a possible additional test upon arrival with self-quarantine at your hotel or other accommodation for approximately 24 hours before the results are received. Some arrivals will not be screened upon arrival and will not need to be quarantined at all.

Arriving passengers also need to download the dedicated COVID-19 app. Currently, citizens of many countries can obtain a visa on arrival, but only upon arrival in Dubai. Current COVID-19 Trend: A slight upward trend in the UAE, with some recent spikes. In total, the UAE has recorded 71,540 cases of the disease, but only 387 deaths. For now, they seem to be the focus of ongoing outbreaks.


7 countries you can go to right now
7 countries you can go to right now

Covid-19 has brought a whole lot and here is Kenya’s requirements for admission: confirmation of a negative test. The test must be completed within 96 hours of arrival. The rest of Kenya is currently quite relaxed at the border and travel around the country is unlimited.

Current COVID-19 trend: Not bad. After a sharp jump in July and August, the daily number of cases has decreased, and the death rate remains relatively low. Interestingly, Kenya resumed international flights to and from the country on August 1, and the number of cases has been steadily declining since then. Kenya has a total of 34,493 cases.

Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia

7 countries you can go to right now
7 countries you can go to right now

Admission Requirements: None (details for Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia). Since the external borders of the European Union are closed to most people living outside of it, it may be interesting to note that this Balkan trio of countries is open to almost anyone with few requirements. Of course, each one is different, but given that they are located next to each other and constitute a notable exception to facilitate entry to the continent, it seemed prudent to bundle them together.

In theory, all three could be combined to travel to multiple countries, which is a real rarity these days.
One little caveat: Those entering Serbia from North Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria or Romania will require a negative PCR result. Otherwise, almost anyone can enter without any testing or quarantine requirements.

Current trend COVID-19: mixed. Albania has seen an increase in the incidence recently, but there are still fewer than 300 deaths. The North Macedonian curve looks pretty flat, but it’s probably worth looking at. In Serbia, the peak was in July, but the numbers have slightly decreased in recent weeks.

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Moniece Slaughter In Major Car Crash and was saved by only the divine intervention as her car was damaged beyond recognition and here are the details as they are below:

Moniece Slaughter In Major Car Crash
Moniece slaughter

Prayers up for Moniece Slaughter! The former reality star was in a bad car accident while visiting family in Hunstville, Alabama. Thankfully, Slaughter didn’t suffer major injuries (or worse) as a result of the crash, but the photos of the totaled vehicle she posted on Instagram prove that she’s lucky to have escaped with her life.

Moniece Slaughter exclaimed: “I can’t believe I walked away from this accident. Lost feeling in my left side from the airbags being deployed. I’m starting to feel it. My arm was hanging out of the window (window was down & my cigarette was lit). Airbag blew my arm back in the car. Left arm is swollen & cut up my left leg is inflamed. But God has yet again showed up and showed me favor,” she wrote.

Moniece Slaughter added, “The driver that hit us ended up underneath someone’s house. They had to lift the house off its foundation and use the jaws of life to get them out of the car. Talk about divine intervention. I refused to go with paramedics so my aunt called my dad. He was there within what felt like a flash. Our family has had one hell of an emotional day.”

Read her full post, and see her devastating pictures of the vehicle, through the link below:

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