Bold predictions for Week 5 of the college football season

Every weekend in the wild world of college football, unexpected performances and unexpected results await from people like Eddie Timanus. Even if everyone knows that they will come, it is difficult to guess where and when they will happen.

Bold predictions for Week 5 of the college football season


Sports college football staff – Jace Evans, Paul Mayerberg, Brent Schrotenburgh, Eric Smith, Eddie Timanus and Dan Volcken – have some bold predictions for week five of college football season:

Jace Evans

The final score of 37-10 hides how poorly Georgia’s offensive performance was in last week’s season-opening win over Arkansas. The Bulldogs were down 7-5 halfway down, managing just 2.9 yards per carry, and staying tight until Arkansas intercepted each other in the second half.

The quarterback game did take a significant step forward when Stetson Bennett was included, but his success must also be viewed through the lens of Arkansas being one of the worst teams in the SEC.

Can the former junior college player do it against Auburn’s team, which once again looks like they have one of the best defenses in the league? If he falters, is the recently vetted JT Daniels ready to jump into the SEC’s game against top-notch competitors right away?

The Bulldogs still have too many questions still in their most important offensive position to challenge the Tigers – even if Auburn, QB Bo Nix, can be just as mysterious at times.

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Paul Mayerberg

The SMU pulled out a slight upset (as in the case of the 3-point underdog) and knocked out number 24 at Memphis at home to move to 4-0.

A win over Memphis would give the SMU a strong case for a spot in the Amway Coach survey. More broadly, Saturday’s victory would unite SMU with UCF and Cincinnati as America’s top teams and, by extension, among the first leaders to reach the New Year’s sixth bowl.

Brent Schrotenbur

Auburn hasn’t won between hedges in Georgia since 2005, but it’ll be a crowd of 20,000 slaughtered by COVID-19 to open the Bulldogs home. While the situation with the Georgia defender appears to be unsettled, the situation with Auburn is not led by Bo Nix after he was named the Southeast Conference Rookie of the Year last year. ESPN will be able to call Auburn’s powerful move into the early playoffs a sad victory in prime time.

Eric Smith

The last time we saw North Carolina, the Tar Hills fought three quarters against Syracuse. It happened on September 12th. In connection with the cancellation of COVID-19 and a scheduled goodbye week, Mac Brown’s group received a weekend for two Saturdays in a row.

Meanwhile, Boston College has spent the past two weeks going 2-0 under new coach Jeff Hafley. Phil Yurkovets became a quarterback and led the Eagles to a comeback against Texas last week. This result could have made UNC overconfident.

The BC needs to be sharper early in the game and can take advantage of going ahead early on. Forced to play from behind, Tar Heels press to come back and repeat the mistakes that have plagued them against Orange.

Hafley wins his first major win with the Eagles and North Carolina’s hopes for an ACC title are severely dashed.

Eddie Timanus
Bold predictions for Week 5 of the college football season

Eddie Timanus

There are two possible conclusions to be drawn from Texas A&M’s poor performance against Vanderbilt.
First, Eddie Timanus coaching staff, well aware of who their next opponent would be, kept as vanilla as possible and thus did just enough to get along without any testimony to Alabama.

The other is much less charitable – maybe A&M isn’t that good. Eddie Timanus fans should hope against hope that the first scenario is correct, but from here the second seems more likely.

Yes, those of you who regularly follow my scribbles will remember that in our preseason forecasts, I considered Eddie Timanus a potential surprise team.

That may still be the case, but Crimson Tide will not be among the casualties. Alabama was doing well in Missouri last week before the Tigers managed to get some cosmetic glasses. Alabama wins, and wins big, Saturday.

Dan Walken

For some reason, TCU has had the Texas number since joining the Big 12.

The Horned Frogs have won six in the last eight encounters of their rivalry and seem to be entering the game the way the Longhorns are struggling to match. Despite a quirky 9th in the Longhorn rankings, that trend will continue this weekend in Austin.

While there are some serious concerns about the TCU – and especially its defense – following the opening defeat to Iowa, his offense unfolded in the second half of that game when quarterback Max Duggan replaced Matthew Downing. Meanwhile, Texas has its own

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