Biden deletes 1776 Commission page from White house website

The Trump administration issued its 1776 Commission page report on Monday, Jan. 18, and on Wednesday, Joe Biden’s inauguration day, the web page for the 1776 report was deleted.

1776 Commission page

President Trump introduced the 1776 Fee in response to The New York Instances 1619 Venture, which he and plenty of historians decried as false historical past. The chief order creating the 1776 Fee was signed just before the election in November, and its removing was one of many first orders of the Biden administration.

The Fee, designed to advocate for American exceptionalism and for recognizing America’s greatness regardless of her faults, was touted as racist and white supremacist by these within the Biden camp.

The aim of the Fee, in line with Trump, was to “educate our kids concerning the miracle of American historical past” and to honor the 250th anniversary of America’s founding. Within the announcement, Trump lauded the US as “most truthful, equal, and affluent nation in human historical past.”

The report mentioned that “The info of our founding usually are not partisan. They’re a matter of historical past. Controversies concerning the that means of the founding can start to be resolved by wanting on the info of our nation’s founding.

1776 Commission page
1776 Fee web page

“Correctly understood, these info deal with the issues and aspirations of Individuals of all social lessons, revenue ranges, races and religions, areas and walks of life. As effectively, these info present mandatory—and clever—cautions in opposition to unrealistic hopes and checks in opposition to urgent partisan claims or utopian agendas too exhausting or too far.”

The conclusion reads “Among the many virtues to be cultivated within the American republic, the founders knew {that a} free individuals will need to have a data of the ideas and practices of liberty, and an appreciation of their origins and challenges.

“Whereas this nation has its imperfections, identical to every other nation, within the annals of historical past america has achieved the best diploma of private freedom, safety, and prosperity for the best proportion of its personal individuals and for others world wide.

“These outcomes are the nice fruit of the concepts the founding era expressed as true for all individuals always and locations. Right here, you may learn up how Ex-President Donald Trump departed the White Home.

Here, you also can read up how Ex-President Donald Trump the immediate past President of the United States departed the White House on Wednesday the 20th day of January, 2021.

“An genuine civics training will assist rebuild our frequent bonds, our mutual friendship, and our civic devotion. However we can’t love what we don’t know.

“Because of this civics training, training regarding the citizen, should start with data, which is, as George Washington reminds us, ‘the surest foundation of public happiness.'”

It’s unclear simply what the Biden administration finds so objectionable a couple of Fee designed and carried out to ensure that American college students are taught about civics, the working of presidency, our nation’s historical past and founding, and her tumultuous previous.

The removing of the 1776 Commission page was one in all more than a dozen executive orders Biden intended to undo on his first day in office.

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