As a champion of courage and perseverance and America’s return to productivity and prosperity, President Trump must also stress the cost of school closures which Vice President Biden will happily dwell upon

African American and Hispanic children from poorer neighborhoods are hardest hit by school closures and yet the Vice President Biden wants to short down the whole system if elected the President of the United States.

Vice President Biden

Vice President Biden

The President must spend these final days of campaign advocating for the right of every American child to go to school.

Because school is an important source of food and often the only way many poor children have access to computers and the Internet, they are especially disadvantaged when they are locked up by politicians and unions.

In almost every speech, the president may devote part of his speech to describing the human cost of stopping, and especially the cost to the poor.

Second, for the economy it is a problem of Vice President Biden’s character and corruption. Simple facts that are already known and incontestable should be repeated.

For example, the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania received $ 70 million from the communist dictatorship of China, while Vice President Biden raised $ 911,000 at school in three years, doing little to nothing.

This kind of thing is part of a broader model of self-enrichment and abuse of public trust.

More and more facts will emerge about the process of self-enrichment of the Biden family at the expense of America (there are thousands of emails, at least two smartphones filled with additional material, and more “insiders” are planning to talk).

The reality, however, is that anti-Trump propaganda media will do whatever it takes to minimize facts, distort stories, and free Biden from any allegations of wrongdoing, regardless of evidence.

Only constant quiet drumming from the president, vice president Biden, surrogates and advertisements can bring the facts to the American people through the wall of pro-Byden hostility.

Shouting about Vice President Biden’s self-enrichment is a strategy, it will displace the independent and even some Democrats. If it’s just a tactic, it will disappear. The difference may lie in the astounding number of votes.

Finally, the president should spend about 10 percent of his time explaining the future of COVID-19 and the steps that are being taken to deal with it. This includes preparing schools to reopen safely, maximizing opportunities for small businesses and restaurants, and developing new treatments.

It also means communicating steps to combat the virus, such as developing, producing and distributing a vaccine.

The American people remain so worried about the coronavirus and so at risk that at least 10 percent of the last days must be spent convincing them that President Trump has a plan that he is aggressively pursuing.

This 70-20-10 campaign maximizes the possibility of such a decisive victory that Democrats cannot steal the election.

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