Are dogs the best pets? A very Comprehensive Article

Are dogs the best pets: Humans and dogs have evolved together over the past 30,000 years and here are the 11 Reasons Dogs Are Simply the Best. There are of course many reasons why dogs are considered man’s best friends.

Are dogs the best pets

They entertain us with their antics, greet us with wild tail wagging every day (no matter how many times you leave and return) and offer endless photo sessions to fill our social feeds.

But these are not the only reasons dogs are the best. In fact, science can support claims that our canine companions are superior species too! Read 11 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best Friends We Could Ever Ask for, and return back later to appreciate us.

1. They provide endless entertainment.
Whether we watch our four-legged friends circling the house or fiddling with their buddies in the park, nothing says “pure joy” like puppy play.

Those big droopy ears and silly grins are the highlight of our days. So much so that a 2017 BarkBox study found that the average dog owner posts about their puppy six times a week on social media.

2. They are a great company, no matter what you do.
Companionship with a dog is unlike anything else. Just think: Which of your friends always wants to do what you do? Unless your best friend is a dog, we know that each duo is ultimately different from their favorite activities, places to eat, or what to watch on Netflix. Except for the dogs.

Want to go for a run? AHA. How about a trip by car? Twice aha! Relax on the couch and grab a bite to eat? Still would. Dogs don’t want anything. (Except maybe this puppy, who is tired of your shenanigans during his scheduled sleep, thanks a lot.)

3. They reduce stress levels.
It’s a wonderful feeling to have a fur friend who greets you at the door every day, wagging his tail. But did you know that having a dog can actually help manage stress? Research has shown that companion dog interaction can calm people and help us manage stress in two ways.

Firstly, by increasing the level of oxytocin (a hormone in the body that causes feelings of joy). Secondly, by reducing the level of cortisol (a hormone associated with stress) in the body. So if you’re looking for a reason to add your dog to your family, consider cheering yourself up.

4. They make exceptional employees.
Dogs have worked with humans for centuries, hunting, grazing and helping us get where we need to safely as we evolved with each other. Hieroglyphs depicting scenes from Ancient Egypt and Greece demonstrate this symbiotic relationship between animal and human, and the working dog continues to thrive to this day.

With their improved sense of smell and keen instincts, dogs still work in large numbers with their fellow humans. K-9 units assist law enforcement and first responders in locating weapons, detecting arson, and tracking down missing persons.

Guide dogs and therapy dogs help their owners navigate life with a sense of stability and freedom. The dogs on the farm protect livestock and graze the animals in the pasture. (And it goes without saying that puppies are a great distraction for those of us who work from home!)

5. They help us sleep better.
In a recent survey of pets of both dogs and cats, dog owners whose puppies sleep in bed with them reported less disturbance than their fellow cat owners.

They also said that sleeping in bed with their puppy gives them a stronger sense of comfort and security. Whether they snore or not … well, that’s another story.

6. Their loyalty knows no bounds.
With a history of friendships between dogs and humans, it’s no surprise that the relationship between pet and owner is so strong. It seems that the dogs are ready to do anything to be near us, to guard their owners and even pay their last respects after we leave.

7. They are real best friends.
Dogs have been human companions since the beginning of civilization. It is believed that the Paleolithic people were the first to domesticate dogs from wild wolves about 15,000 years ago.

Evidence of footprints of a child walking alongside a dog’s footprints is found in a cave in France, suggesting that the connection could extend even further – for about 30,000 years.

Either way, the first wolf looked at a Neolithic man thousands of years ago through fire, and each realized that they could benefit from each other’s presence (perhaps over food, if we guess).

While their relationship probably bordered on the wilder side of things, it was the beginning of a friendship that continued to develop over thousands of years as the pets we know today were tamed from dogs.

8. They make us active and healthy.
Dogs not only help us sleep better, Diabetes mellitus type 2. Plus, our puppies make adorable exercise buddies who simply refuse to accept no for an answer. Even just having your dog by your side can lower your family’s risk of obesity and improve gut health!

9. They help people live longer and happier lives.
With all this extra exercise, it’s no surprise that dog owners live longer.

But beyond the physical benefits of having a dog, research also shows incredible psychological and emotional benefits. While all pets provide valuable companionship, the innate need for dogs to go outside regularly means owners need to go outside and get to know nature.

Having a dog can help reduce isolation and loneliness as puppies provide a sense of purpose and create opportunities for owners to connect with others during their adventures together.

10. They teach us to love unconditionally.
Your puppy doesn’t care if you put the dishes on time or forgot to put the toilet seat. He loves you – flaws and all – forever and ever, forever and ever.

On good days, your dog will be by your side to celebrate. And on bad days, he’ll be right there, too, steadfast in his loyalty and ready to play fetch as soon as you return to their place. Here, are reasons why your dog itch a lot.

11. They understand, even if no one else.
There is something about the disarmingly cute dog faces, from clumsy puppies to these beloved, sugar-faced oldies that are so hard to resist.

But is this adorable head tilt really Spike’s way of telling you that he is listening when you tell him about your day? There are several scientific theories that explain how dogs have learned to understand human signals and even synchronize their behavior with that of their owners over time.

Over the centuries of domestication, dogs have learned to recognize human expressions and emotions. So the next time you are wondering if your dog really knows what you are thinking, telepathically tell her that he is a good boy before you massage the belly. He might just get a message!



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